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Breathing through words.

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More of spoken word poetry and quotes coming straight from my heart to connect to other people's emotion and of cause challenge and transform their thinking to a positive mindset. I like to release emotions through writing which I believe that heals me in a way. I am hoping those that come across my writing will also recieve a touch of healing from the agony they hide from the world.

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let me tell you about it all.
My own experience of it all.
He loves unconditionally well.
With the love that keeps on giving.

Take a moment and pay attention!
For I tell you his love knows no lies.
His heart is a benovelent one of a kind.
Take a moment and pay attention.

I am talking about Jesus here.
I am talking about the same man who died for sinners.I am talking about the same man who left the throne for sinners.
Pay attention for I am not yet done here!

For his love is selfless,
For his love is like a hurricane.
It is that same love that reached me.
It is that love that changed my identity from being called a sinner to being called a righteous man.

This is the same love that is still yearning to reach all sinners.This is the same love that says"come unto me all ye that labor and heavy laden,and I will give you rest.

By Khalipha-KayDee
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