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The Loss of you (poem)

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Its been almost 20 years but sometimes it feels like yesterday, Sometimes I forget the sound of your voice. Loss is such a funny thing.

Hope Townsend
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Chapter 1

Sometimes, it’s a heavy weight upon my chest, withholding every breath.

Sometimes, it’s a strangers smile, a laugh, and it’s like you never left.

It’s thinking about everything you’ve missed that makes me miss you more.

It’s the stabbing pain of regret that I took you for granted before.

I want the everyday questions answered.

Your wisdom, and how do you know?

I’m left with not but an answer.

Just more questions why you had to go.

It’s the echo of a primal scream

of heartbreak and despair

It’s a deprivation, a forfeiture

Of all you are when you’re not there.

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