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Her whole life was an illusion. Everything she thought was perfect wasn't real. Her words never came out She couldn't speak her mind. Her mind went blank as she hit the floor. Her whole life was an illusion. Everything she thought was perfect wasn't real. Her words never came out She couldn't speak her mind. Her mind went blank as she hit the floor. But when she awoke she found it was All a dream. A nightmare. Hope you enjoy my poetry I thought this up on the spot and there's plenty more where that came from so enjoy >.<

Poetry / Fantasy
Lizzy Roberts
Age Rating:

Illusion of Perfection

She wakes from her dreams,

Walking through the house like nothing is wrong with her life.

She saw everything as perfect,

Not out of place,

Or torn.

She couldn’t believe anything was wrong,

And what was wrong

She didn’t believe was real.

She believed it to be an


In her head.

She denied the world was imperfect.

She tried her best to be a perfect person,

When something went wrong

She blamed herself.

She cried herself to sleep sometimes.

But she continued her life like this

Untill finally

She gave in.

Because in all reality

She figured out that

The things she saw as perfection,

Were an illusion.

" Perfection is an illusion in itself, ” she said.

The mistakes she made to be perfect,

Everything she was became thier own perfection.

But real perfection is illusion.

We create our perfection for ourselves.

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