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The destiny of life

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This poem about the journey we travel, together with the things we come across on the way.It is motivational to those who think of giving up.

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Chapter 1

The destiny of life

Every destiny in life has it's beginning and it's ending .

And to every destination there is a story to be told.

To every journey there is struggle, there is war, there is turmoil, there is Judgement, there is laughter and care, but at the end they will be success and failure.

That's all is the journey of every life.

Life is like climbing a very rough mountain, it is like climbing a very toxic mountain.

A mountain full of animals, animals that will help you keep on with your journey and animals that will disturb on your journey. The destiny of life is cruel and tough with it's twists and turns.

Some will give up on the way,

Some will die on the way ,

but some will stumble and fall but find it in their strength to stand up dust-off themselves and keep on with their journey, but end up giving up when they're near but seems afar.

some will stick to the fight when they are hardest hit is it it is when things seem worse that they must not quit.

That is the slogan of life: "Do not quit".

"When things go wrong as they sometimes will, when funds are low and debts are high, and you want to smile but you had to sigh.

Rest if you must but don't relax" because the time is independent and success is failure turned inside out. So do not quit even though the pace seem slow you, will reach your destination only if you won't throw stones to every dog that barks just be committed to where you're going and let nature play it parts. When you fall, never take too much time to stand because a stitch in time saves nine.

So never fight it, let nature play it part.

Author: Refiloe Primrose

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