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Content Warning : This is Erotic Poetry so it contains content which some readers may find DISTURBING, Including COURSE LANGUAGE and SEXUAL EXPLICITLY WORDS. It is UNSUITABLE FOR CHILDREN or ANYONE who is EASILY OFFENDED. Id really appreciate if you can comment on what needs work and where I can do to improve. 😊 "Erotic poetry that evokes feelings of joy, happiness, and an overall celebration of the arts of physical and romantic love." "The Erotic Soul " is an extraordinary storytelling in the form of erotic love poetry, speaking directly to the reader's heart through sensations that course throughout the body. This powerful collection of erotic and sensual love poems celebrates the erotic spirit in all its forms -- from intense passionate sexual desire to seductive victory. There are love poems for every mood and sentimental feeling, for every phase of love you are experiencing whether you are with a partner or not. Read it slowly. Read a poem at a time, or two-or all at once-but give it time to sink into your heart. Read them again. Visualize. Let the poem show you what may be lying dormant in your own heart. Any poetry lover who loves deep symbolism, storytelling and musing over deep verses will find this book very touching. No matter which phase of love you are growing in currently, this book will serve to sail you further towards the endless ocean of love.

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Erotic Poetry vs. Written Pornography

*Authors Note*

Writers quite frequently make inappropriate

or unsuitable use of the liberty of expression.

We ARE free to write what we please,

but should be mature enough to understand that

Though it does not mean when, where and amongst

whom ever we please, everything has a place,

time and the appropriate audience.

**Pornography from the Greek pornographos, adjective, writing about prostitutes, from pornē prostitute + graphein to write;

***This is Not directed at anyone in particular and should Not be taken out of context.


This is a topic with a long history of

controversy,animosity and extreme

misunderstanding. Let us see if we

cannot shed some light on the subject

without maligning anybody or vilifying preferences.

Readers of erotic poetry do not set out

to be sexually aroused, yet can be by well

articulated words and artfully expressed sensuality.

Writing erotically whether it be poetry or stories

and written pornography are not the same,

nor should they be confused in any way.

Those who read and/or create

written pornography ARE looking for

the instant gratification and the sexual excitement

it provides. Pornography is not a synonym of eroticism;

it is the depiction of behavior or acts

(in pictures or writing) in a sensational manner

so as to arouse a quick intense

physical reaction or cause sexual arousal.

That which is erotic tends to arouse

sexual LOVE or LOVING desire,

like an aphrodisiac or amorous behavior.

Sensuality on the other hand relates to or consists of

the gratification of the senses or the indulgence of

sensory appetite; stimulating the senses

with site, sounds, smells and tastes can cause a

sensual and/or erotic euphoria that is very pleasing.

Poetry is writing in a concentrated imaginative

awareness of experience in language chosen

and arranged to artistically create a specific

intense emotional response through meaning,

sound, and rhythm especially in beauty of expression.

A quality of beauty and intensity of emotion regarded

as characteristic of poems:

"poetry and fire are nicely balanced in music".

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