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The Pathways To Life

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The Pathways To Life is an inspirational book of poetry and writings that highlights various life situations. Walk along this Pathway of experiences with me. The Precious Gift of Life Experiences Teach Lessons Healing Broken Hearts Celebrate the Beauty of Life Relationships and Friendships. Going through life you can feel the need to connect with the emotions of the words. Primitive and meaningless emotions that dance until the dawn of time, connect us with a side of us perhaps torn by pain or that flies on clouds of joy. Because poetry serves not to give meaning but to rediscover beauty, to leave crying behind us to remind us that we are not only flesh and we can aspire to the best of ourselves.  I hope with these lines that someone can share these things even if only for a few moments. Id really appreciate if you can comment on what needs work and what I can do to improve on my work.

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The Pathways Of Life

They say that everyone has their own path that it is laid in front of them at birth and they must travel along it during their life on foot or with mechanical aids

Every choice can change your course and set your path on a different direction trouble is your can only move forward and can never go back you have to live with your decisions both good and bad

Many will meet friends along the way and their paths will run side by side for a time it is not always what these people do that counts it's how you support each other on your journeys

For not every one's path is akin to their friends some have it easier than others given the route through the grassy fields while others must deal with the mountains

Only at the end of days will you get to view the full map of your life until then you'll only see a few steps ahead try help your fellow travelers if you can and many will try to help you

So travel your own path to your final rest be content that you did your best never forgetting the ones you love now you can watch their lives from above

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