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Hero Of War

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A Soldier's Farewell sitph

Please girl, don't you cry.

I know i'll be gone, but this ain't goodbye.

You'll be right here, in my heart.

It's a place we'll never part.

My love for you is very strong.

Where nothing between us is ever wrong.

I'll miss seeing your eyes that shine so bright.

I'll miss all those times that I held you so tight. Please girl, don't you cry for me.

I'll be gone for just a year, maybe 2, maybe 3.

I'll always think about you, from dusk till dawn.

I'll always think about you, when I hear

our favorite song.

This is it, time to go. Our last farewell. Give me one last kiss, before I leap into Hell.

I will return, please, just wait for me You'll see me in the horizen, just over the sea.

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