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Silent morning

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Silent morning

“Silent morning
Quiet nature in dim light
It is almost peaceless of the chirping of birds
Waiting for the sunrise
Feeling satisfied with pure breath
Busy life- in pursuit of livelihood, running people
In the intensity of the wood-burning sun, astray finch
Sometimes the advent of north-wester
I’m scared
The calamitous heartache of the falling Caesalpinia pulcherrima!
Listen to get ears
Surprisingly I saw the unadulterated green weald
Vernal, yellow and crimson colors are the glorious beauty of the unique nature
An amazing reflection of Bengal
The housewife’s fringe of azure color sari fly in the gentle breeze
The cashew forest on the bank of flowing rivers white egret couple peep-bo
The kite crookedly flies get lost in the far unknown
The footstep of blustery childhood on the zigzag path
Standing on a head-high hill touches the fog
Beckoning with the hand of the magical horizon
The liveliness of a rainy-soaked juvenile
Momentary fascinated visibility of Ethnic group’s pineapple, tea, banana and jhum cultivation at the foot of the hill
Trailer- shrub, algae and pebble-stone come back to life in the cleanly stream of the fountain
Bumble bee is rudderless in the drunken smell of mountain wild flower
The heart of the most beloved is touched by pure love
In the distant sea water, pearl glow in the sunlight
Rarely, the howl of a hungry tiger float in the air from a deep forest
The needy fisherman’s ​​hope and aspiration are mortgaged to the infinite sea
The waves come rushing on the beach delete the footprint to the beat of the dancing
The white cotton cloud is invisible in the bluey
The mew flies at impetuous speed to an unknown destination
A slice of happy smile at the bend of the wave
The western sky covered with the crimson glow of twilight
Irritated by the cricket’s endless acrid sound
The evening lamp is lit to flickering light of the firefly
The red crabs tittup wildly on the beach
Steadfast seeing
A beautiful dream
Next sunrise.”

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