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And you

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About 13.7 billion years ago..
The most powerful big bang of an ancient super atom.
Origin of the universe.
The advent of life on this earth through change and evolution over a long period of time.
Transformation from inanimate matter to living organism.
The result of the spontaneous union of a few atoms is the birth of mankind.
In the evolution of human civilization over time, derived and evolved from the ‘common ancestor’, I was born at a distinct pace and rule.
I realize own entity.
Imagine a lot…
And you.
I have heard the words that are accumulate in the depths of your mind in one of the new moon night.
I feel your thoughts.
I see colorful and golden dreams with two eyes.
Your heart beats vibrate me.
I see your open smiley face in the Niagara falls.
Ransack find the jewel of the nose flower at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.
The petals of the eyes are beautifully artistic design in the colors of the rainbow.
See random hair fly in the gusty wind of the Cox’s Bazar sea beach.
The pair of lips are covered by the Magma’s crimson glow.
At the combed texture of the coal-tar black long hair, the luster of the silver hilsa of the Bay of Bengal.
Hidden in the gaze of expression of the primitive ethnic groups of the Amazon forest.
Zircon’s sapphire in the anklet of two feet.
A glimmer of light on white teeth in the flashing of a ferocious thunderbolt.
Lovely Neelakurinji, Edelweiss Fluffy Alpine or Jade flower wearing in coiffure.
Find obscure footprint in the Grand Canyon Ravine, in the Pripet Marshes Forest, in the Mojave or Namib Desert, on the shore of Lake Diamante or Lake Baikal, in the Oymyakon Countryside, in the Denisova Cave and in the vast Savanna Grassland.
The tip of the forehead is a crimson sunset.
The dewdrop of the Himalaya and Alps peak fall uncareful at the tip of the nose.
Topaz stone brought with dug out of the soil of the rainbow hill in the ring finger of the left hand.
The striped black fur of the Sundarbans tigress’s body has settled permanently on two eyebrows.
The toll fall on shy cheek in the meteorite of Chelyabinsk.
The immaculately beautiful Blue Topaz and Diamond Drop Earrings of white gold are swaying in two ears.
A nectar flavor in a soup of reindeer and seaweed in the Inuit’s ice-making bar at below freezing temperatures.
Your greatness is in the scattering of a wonderful blue light between the clouds and in the fog’s gap floating on the highest peak of the snowy Great Smoky Mountains.
The oldest bright pink color in the world is reflected from smooth nails.
The beginning and the end civilizations developed in consciousness and mind.
Get the sweet smell of saffron, sandalwood, polyalthia longifolia, aloe vera, cinnamon, olive, musk, muguet and autumn rose in your breath.
The sunrise of the morning in shy smile.
Lamp-black melt in the corner of the eye like the iceberg of the Arctic region.
The gloom of north-wester in the blue sky of depression.
The independent-mysterious mind is surrounded by like mysteries as the Bermuda Triangle.
Strange behavior takes a theater form of underground subduction zone.
A terrible Tsunami of the Atlantic Ocean erupted in anger.
Vivacity in the wend of the butterfly.
A tough attitude is as hard as a precious Kohinoor diamond.
The rebellion is contain as crater of the Mount Nyiragongo, Mauna Loa volcano.
The white cotton cloud mixed with bluey inspired in your ideal.
You are not an empress in blue sari, any queen or a British royal bride Kate Middleton, yet you are a proud Bengali woman.
I find out the bracelet, necklace in the hidden or sinking continent of the earth, Zeelandia.
Arrogance causes an explosion of radioactive Californium and Anti-particles.
Occasionally my freedom is mortgaged to your will.
To be under the regime of because of failure and stupidity.
Your contempt, narrowness, audacity and undesired suspicion create the great wall of China.
Separation is a ghastly wildfire.
The tide comes in the attraction of the moon, there is the real beauty of your personality.
Is your love less than Shirin, Laila, Juliet?
One day we rudderless in the sand storm in the vast Sahara desert!
Momentary relief.
I feel the primitive frenzy with the elegant gentle touch.
My guilt of helplessness in expectation, rightness and imperfection.
I think in confusion, the tragic result of the natural catastrophe!
Our legitimate and fertile successor will be able to adapt in the future?
I get your dependence, assured that; we will build a green world of peace for the next generation.
The call of love, peace, unity, progress, equality, security and humanity in the touch of a loving hand.
Faithfulness purifies and holy the soul.
I wish-
walk holding your hand in the night sky full of stars along the shores of Caspian Lake and the Panama Canal,
On the bank of Na Pali,
In the natural mirror Salar de Uyuni,
Incredibly beautiful Veiðavötn created by a volcanic eruption on the edge of the deep blue Ljótipollur lake,
Rows upon rows- in the cool shade under the high colored rainbow Eucalyptus tree,
In the Pléneau Island snowstorm,
On the shores of Dusty Rose of a natural lake of colorful pink water created by glaciers at the top of high mountain,
In Tristan da Cunha of a remote and isolated island in the South Atlantic Ocean.
Or, standing on the Andes Mountains and Mount Roraima full of natural beauty touching the clouds.
See a rare species of mammal white whale Son of Migaloo’s blustery wend on Cook Strait and the golden coast of Queensland.
Sometime active volcanic eruptions at the icy bottom of the vast expanse of ocean water, The Challenger Deep is the deepest part (dot) of the Mariana Trench formed in the process of geographical decline, Observe the amazing sinking waterfall and the unparalleled natural beauty of the Mid-ocean ridge.
Otherwise, not for the creation of cosmic colony- the special services of Cloud computing, Nanotechnology, Artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Teleportation technology, Quantum mechanics, Exotic matter, Wormhole network, White hole, Parallel universe, Multiverse inspired revolutionary change in a lively globalization in the pursuit of own survival through related ideas.
I want to look back at the beginning, development, expansion and ruins of ancient Indian, Karal, Mehergarh, Mesopotamian or Sumerian, Egyptian, Chinese, Maya, Greek, Roman, Classical, Persian civilizations;
Although I see there:
Happiness, sorrow, smile, howling, welfare, creation, competition, revenge, rivalry, conspiracy, power, aggression, adultery, bloodshed, destruction, political ups and down, alliances, dissent, love, alienation, separation, creed, humanity and disaster.
I wish-
represent a sense of humanity by building a lasting bridge between the prehistoric era, the primitive man, the ancient era, medieval or the classical-northern era, the modern era and the contemporary eras.
This is in this world—
I wish-
to go to the hot spot of planet Mercury the half-solar point and mount Caloris Montes, transit of Venus and at Venusian Volcano and highland Ishtar Terra and Aphrodite Terra, in the red Mars volcano Olympus Mons and the ravine Valis Marineris and the Sinus Meridiani sea, Jupiter’s liquid hydrogen in the ocean and in the great red spot, in the Cassini division (E-Ring) the empty space inside Saturn’s rolling diverse giant ring, the diamond rain of Uranus and the coldest place on the dark pole and strong winds blowing in the equatorial region, in the bluish Neptune’s atmosphere and clouds, in the icebergs of the dwarf planet Pluto, on each sub-planet, sun, heliosphere, heliopause, kuiper belt, in the interstellar space or emptiness outside the solar system, spherical clouds of water vapor in the oort cloud, galaxy, star, quasar, floating water reservoir, galaxy cluster, great cluster, black hole, cosmic web and through the explosion of supernova or in the infinite Universe.
Depopulated, cold, gassy, in the world of an unknown mysterious silence of the dark infinite outer space.
Far, far away…
This long journey may be welcomed by any unfamiliar newcomer or intelligent creature Alien at the forefront of civilization of the unknown planet.
You and me—
Only two people.
Though, we are genetically different.
Opposite two edge, different entity.
Nevertheless, the eternal bond of love between the two.
An invisible power.
One divine relationship.
I do not know, the terrible ultimate result of the universe!
This dying mortal universe will one day disappear in a slow process and be lost in the abyss of emptiness.
The Big Crunch, The Big Freeze, The Big Rip may be the result of the expansion of the universe at an accelerated speed due to dark energy or the size of the universe is constantly constriction due to gravitational attraction.
The result:
The process of creating new galaxies and stars in the universe will stop, The black hole will self-evaporated automatically, The galaxies will gradually move away from each other, transforming from red shift to blue shift and the star source of light will lose its energy and sink into darkness and at one point all the constellations in the universe will be burned out, The current visible universe will move beyond the event horizon (the last point of return) and the visible places will no longer be visible, The nuclear reaction will produce intense thermal radiation at the superheated concentrated stage, Proton particles become unstable and hydrogen will disappear- radiation will remain, The universe becomes thermal death will turn into a dark- cold- lifeless in a state of the great freezing, Galaxy cluster- star- planet- atom- sub-particles and the whole universe will be torn, Firy death will occur through the end of cosmic existence.
In other words, the end.
May be, from there a new big bang will be born, from which new universe will be reconstructed.
Where inflation will create innumerable universes like the universe from the expanded bubble.
Which will remain in a non-contact state away from each other.
If that is the case, then the structure of the universe will be periodic.
In the cycle of natural evolution that will continue uninterrupted.
A new cycle will be created continuously, which has no beginning and no end.
But will we be reborn in any one of these countless universes?
If so what, be a partner with me, hold tightly with both hands.
I know, will be inevitable death at some point!
May be, we will be burned in the fire of hell together.
Otherwise says to the creator, I will walk in the eight gates of heaven holding your hand for eternity.

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