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He who resides in the heart and knows all the things of the mind and controls everything.

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Chapter 1

Sunny sweet morning.
Butterfly flies with colorful wings.
The melodious chirping of the dove bird.
Asian pigeonwings (Clitoria ternatea) staring steadily.
The intoxicating scent of wild white sandalwood.
With the gentle touch of Catkin, the life of eighteen year old girl is exhilarating.
Close conversation of the swan couple in the clear water lake.
The charming freshness of living aloe vera.
White cotton clouds blend into the bluey of the Autumn sky.
The nectarine taste of the juicy kernel (core) of cane fruit.
Fascinated by the extraordinary beauty of nature.
Who doesn’t like it?
However, sometimes nature is reckless or indifferent.
The appearance of the storm at the moment.
A warning signal!
Surrounded by pitch black darkness.
Dusty, stormy cold wind.
The brutal rampage of the storm.
The terrible power of ferocious thunderbolt.
The spleen was surprised.
Chases the fear of death.
Infinite love for life.
Nevertheless, man is helpless to nature.
A strong desire to live.
Pray to creator with a humble heart.
Forgive, protect.
Oh great Lord— give peace.
Only you are our protector.
The controller of this universe.
Nature is calm.
This is an eternal example of the immeasurable power of the great creator.
In this carrying lifetime man is busy like in their own way.
When the color of the sky changes— no one knows.
Similarly, when the change happens in human mind— he himself does not know.

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