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The poems that I write here are the emotions that I felt in my life and when you read the lines of this poem I hope you feel what I felt.

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I just wanna cry till my eyes burn
Scream till my lungs collapsed
As the world around me felt like a lonely abyss of darkness
Like a Tunnel without an end
Like a night without light
Withering away in the fear of the stage called world as people around me laughed in joy
Clapped in happiness
While I cried from the inside
Losing the will to live
Being physically alive
Mentally withered away
As the light inside me slowly slipped away
Leaving nothing but a hollow body filled with.......

I wrote this poem at 2:00 am morning in the verge of a panic attack. You may wonder how the hell are you awake till 2am? Well hey being a person dealing with insomnia it's very normal for me to be awake and I had my first exam in my university the next day. So all the fear led to these phrases.

Tell me what you feel after reading this.

- Les_Quinn

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