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Alone on the beach

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One day at the beautiful beach.

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Chapter 1

Silent– depopulated beach.
I’m lonely.
Thrilled by the touch of a gentle breeze.
The pure mind draws the dream of the future.
An unexpected pacing halt the frightened snail.
It is interfere in his freedom.
He is forced to defend himself inside the shell.
In fact guilty of unethical act, remorseful and ashamed.
The pearl glowing in the hot sand in the sunlight.
The red crab’s walking around.
May be, their the struggle of life.
Either any festival or the cry of losing relatives.
Or, waiting for dearest.
Who knows?
Or not, tries to the last breath to survive from the hunter kite.
In the cerulean sky, white clouds fly compete to unknown destination.
Gives shadow to the unlimited ocean on the way.
Maybe the sea smiles shyly.
The horizon decorated bride in the rainbow colors.
Suddenly in the gusty wind, the pine trees to the bow bend.
The sea gull flew astray.
The reckless sandstorm covers the walking footprint.
The blackish spot on forehead of the eastern sky.
The rushing waves at high speeds crash on the shore.
As if the endless drunk is dancing on the shore chest.
I hear the scream of displaced trailer, shrub, grain of sand and the shore.
But don’t know, it is the judgment of nature, or- injustice.
The roar of the ocean shake up me.
Stunned of his immense power, frightened.
I stand depressed mind.
Take the deep sigh!
One time come back.
This amazing beauty of nature surrounded by unknown mysteries still pulling closer.

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