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This Collection is about what they Don't want you to know. Our society is full of Corruption, They want to controlle you and everything you have, They Want You to Own Nothing and be Happy about it. They want a new normal, They want a NEW WORLD ORDER That will spell disaster if it comes to pass. And for me that not happening. These poems are not attacks on anyone but the sick system of this world. A system that has people killing and hating each other and their own lives. Its the voice of the Bruised and Broken.. begging the world to open their eyes and see what is truly going on behind closed doors. So I'm giving you a WARNING if you are Easily Ofended then close this book but if you really want to know the truth then sit back and relax and let me show you how for the rabbit hole gose, or you can stay in Lala Land and believe in what you want. Its Your Choice. In this book I give my unfilterd opinions, and most of these poems are truth of life and facts on a range of Sensitive topics such as: •Censorship •Racism •Religion •Feminism •Abortion •Propaganda •Plandemics •Sexism •Goverment. Agendas •Illuminati •Pharma Lies •Education Systemes And more.

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War Is Coming

War is coming,

you can hear it in the distance

It sounds like all the screams

of a million men and women

You can smell it in the air

and see it on your television

And the government don't care,

they see the money,

not the missiles

War is coming,

and there's nowhere you can hide

We get a thirty-minute warning

'fore the bomb reaches our side

You can run for somewhere safer,

but you'll just run outta time

'Cause there's nothing you can do

except prepare yourself to die

War is coming,

can you feel it?

Has your fear become a secret?

Who are you more scared of,

Donald Trump or North Korea?

Are you worried when you're reading

all the headlines in the evening?

Even atheists will pray that they survive

and start believing

War is coming,

born from money,

worn and ugly like it's always been

The bullets just got faster and

the bombs are made from hydrogen

the Brave will have to earn her

Stars and Stripes again

She wrote the books on history,

but someone else might write her end

War is coming, war is coming,

war has come to get the west

It was beating down our door

while we were beating on our chest

It was making better weapons

while we laughed at making threats

And now it's come to gets its vengeance,

and we've just become oppressed,

war is coming

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