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Time Never Stops

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A poem about life and how it changes from a kid/teenager's point of view.

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Time Never Stops

I planted a tree when I was young.

I came back and it was almost done.

I thought to myself where did life go wrong?

That time when I was swinging on the branches and rolling in the leaves.

There was no concern on who was watching me.

I could jump up and down and say the weirdest things and everyone would laugh but that was just me.

The places I could go had endless opportunities.

No one knew then but that was just the thing for me.

I tried all the sports and continued with not one but three.

I grew older and now I am thirteen.

Playing outdoors next to the tree is nothing but a dream to me.

The sky shines so brightly next to me in class doing nothing but history.

Outside I watch the third graders play.

I wonder why I have to stay.

When did school become this way?

Teachers teach lessons and tell us to behave a certain way.

They tell us to act our age.

This is quite funny if I might say.

Now 15 wondering what to say.

All the sports I held dear became nothing but the chores, I hate to be near.

The school I once wished to be in became nothing but an endless nightmare.

This story is not done but has only just begun.

I changed my friends to ones that care and are good even if I was scared.

I worked hard to achieve my dreams and ended up with a 4.3 GPA.

I started a sport that was for me even if it was a little messy.

There was 15 players on the field.

I was wondering how I just won it all.

Now Five foot three, running on the field getting ready to aim.

My friends shouting my name.

I guess rugby is my game.

At the end of the day.

I can’t turn back time, but I will say.

Living in the present day is better than wishing it away.

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