Chasing the Sunset

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Sometimes we know it's wrong. Sometimes we do it anyway. But what will those moments cost us when time runs out?

Poetry / Drama
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Chasing the Sunset

The sun is setting, setting

It’s an orangish hue

I am running, running

Chasing after you

Time is ticking, ticking

No intent to stop

Every moment passing, passing

A race against the clock

Dusk is arriving, ’riving

The splendor such a sight

We are losing, losing

A battle without fight

But beauty fleeting, fleeting

Little do they know

Deception is lurking, lurking

’neath this awing show

For with the sinking, sinking

Does die the only light

The choices you are making, making

Will have brought the night

For the moment living, living

Only you to please

Leaves us hurting, hurting

For your pain to ease

You were waking, waking

Knew the choice was tough

But with beauty calling, calling

We weren’t strong enough

Moments slipping, slipping

Back a glance sallow

But you keep returning, turning

Sinking sun to follow

After warning, warning

No heed did you pay

Time is ticking, ticking

So dawn goes down to day

The sun was setting, setting

Made yourself a foe

The night is chilling, chilling

Now to reap what you sow

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