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Poetry / Romance
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Love is giving a person a dagger and begging them not to stab you in the heart. It can be painful, the betrayal and disappointment cutting you slowly. It may feel endless as it goes deeper, and deeper. The more lies, the more it kills you inside. You feel rotten, infected with jealousy. You wish that sour love would turn mellow and pleasant again. But that love will always stay the same bitter-sweet taste the past memories leave on your brain. You’re hurt, the sorrow of the unchangeable is greater than the will to move on. You miss them, all the things you did together twist that blade deeper in your heart. Those tears you let pour into the floor, now become blood. You will start grieving the losses of that person, including the person you used to be with them. The sharp cuts of grief make the pain unbearable. You’ll feel like every tear has been shed, and every droop of blood has been dripped. You’ll feel like you bled out and everything seems blurry. It feels infinite, until you fall in love again, then the cycle restarts. Love is giving a person a dagger and begging them not to stab you.

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