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can'dull Pacts: $ly'pockeTreat*ease glint up your Sleeve

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Abstract perspectives on Compulsion, feckless irreverence, & stamina

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Seek'wince Ally Adequate


“Don’t whirry bout me,”

I resist to implore allies

but attempt to be seen Anyway.

It's natural, yet awkward

Vict’chimes of cyclical staGnawtion

Reco’operation after each burden reminding

Where adjoin belonging?

Although i intend to play my favorite games

Mind scrambles beneath “Officials”,

whilst Tumble-drying all emotions…

Manifold hungers manipulate soul

Fragile kindness, returns drained of glow

Run threw slothy thorns, under swampy covers

Intending to plant tranquil Plantations

Conflictingly moreso

I must bolster explosive trampolines!

… only to realize when I blow Hills

I just cause shifted sands

Jealous stores Idyllicy, leads to (stormy) couples

Hoarding treasures (caged in STERN’ems)

Fancy furtive evenings

Crude jokes about what consititutes & placates pests…

*(ALL to counteract the bore-dumb itch)

I scavenge for weeks, around bedraggled Factories

To finally (forbiddenly) Craft something



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