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Remember first love

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this is a poem about a heart broken guy who can not find peace with breaking up with his ex until one day i am a young writer driven to put my mark in the industry

Poetry / Romance
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Remember First Love

We had something special
that only eyes could see,
minds could think of
and hearts could full
we fell inlove at a very very young age we were clueless but in love
I knew I loved as you know you did,
we got married. Not by rings but by hearts
vowed that no-one will and nothing will ever pull us apart and no substance could poison our love,
god was our only witness
I dug deeper into my chest and pull my heart away for you,
we thought we were wise,
that no one will ever take our hearts away from each other
we thought that love revolved around us,
that it was designed for us,not knowing that there are times where one needs their own space and time
but you had my heart!
And I felt all the disappointments and lies
I would be the one hurting and comforting
I guess it was already too late
all I had to do was cry and help my heart to stay pumping,form it and give it to someone more loving
but time was never on my side,all I had was a thing that was once a heart
that once loved that was now broken
I don’t know if should thank or curse you,love or leave you
I had to but I couldn’t,
i wanted to but I loved you so much
i needed to but there was no way I could live without you,
Until that day
the day I became strong to wipe out my tears,flash out the pain
and found a gut to look straight into your eyes and feel nothing.
that was the day I stopped loving
the day I found peace with my broken heart
and that was the day I knew that every person deserves a piece in ever person’s heart
that was the day worth living for
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