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when she gave her love i gave her my lies

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a poem about a guy who played with a girls love and only realise that she was worth more than that dedication is key to all sort of lives

Poetry / Romance
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Chapter 1

Love is never what I thought it was.
You promise to love and cherish
And later regress to hurt and vanish.
I made her fall for me
But my heart never fell for her.

She’s crying nonstop now
And the hurt will never stop.
Coz when she gave me her love,
I gave her my lies.

I told her her I liked her when she told me she LOVED ME.
We made promises, and she was looking straight at my face
When I was just looking at her waist.
She had our love painted on her mind
When I had her panties dropping on mine.
My love was never there,
So she never stopped crying
And I kept on running.
When she gave me her love, I just gave her my lies.

I am now sitting in my room with no one but myself,
Regretting never loving her,
Regretting never hearing her cries,
Regretting ever running out this far.
And therefore regretting every word that I thought was love.
She’s long gone now and nothing matters
Coz when she gave me her love, I stupidly gave her all my lies,
And now I cry.

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