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Twist(ed), Warp(ed) and Screw(ed) - Chapbook Edition (Sample Reading)

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A new creature to writing. Seeking to develop a universal elixir through learned word alchemy. Disclaimer: My thoughts & ponderings are categorically a crafted dictation of mans’ rambling letter.

Poetry / Humor
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Are We All Stardust?

Are We All Stardust?

Imagine for a moment that knowing the truth of our existence is beyond the abilities of our feral-like imagination without seasons of tempering through experience.

That takes time.

The problem with establishing a baseline for truth, between us, is our existence at some level is different, individual. In terms of eternal life being real to us. And our ability to vet and qualify truth from a lie.

How are we here, at this moment? By the hand of God or at least near it in a cosmic sense… Dangling by a string of some technology beyond our understanding; like the Earth hangs precariously at just the right distance from the Sun.

Are we eternal beings contained in this body bound to this planet by gravity situations at this time? Along with other eternal beings that somehow became entangled with the same force of gravity we find within this system of environment?

Like the ash from a fallen star or comet makes contact with the atmosphere, did the incorruptible part of us that we have organic faith in, guide or place us here like dust for a purpose? How might we consider our place in this universe as we have learned to relate to it?

Freedom of thought is a prerequisite to perfection.

We do not seem to readily know all things. Yet we can come to know anything we consider to know. Every thought is like continuing education for certification or proof of life.

How complex is this environment that we navigate as eternal beings? We live and die, it seems, as human beings. We have our experiences to glean from, take with us. Discerning them may be subject to limitations imposed by this atmosphere?

Tangible and intangible voices carry on in your ears here; they haven’t invented internal noise canceling earmuffs yet. Some resort to poking rods in their ears.

Is our resulting reality only limited by the collective imagination of all creatures, beings and/or spirits that exist, as one part of the whole of creation?

(Disclaimer: I am unaware of a word that describes the idea of an entity above Love that is and over God.)

In a sensual way we must be challenging each other here on this battlefield some call hell. All while another force is working on our behalf, in spite of any failure, weakness or lack of understanding we suffer while being subjected to this experience of gravity.

The true nature of our faith is much like our confidence in money. For what is trust in the idea of faith but confidence?

Make the most of your situation when life gives you lemons. Lean into your incorruptible sense of which ‘realty’ you are just visiting… were sent to… are bound to. With free will? A sense of free will… we call liberty.

In an eternal sense of our life would you imagine that we might have ways and means of our surmise to submit ourselves to testing and trying our own design? Much like a kid will build better lego toys as they get older? Or maybe similar to an older man that might buy a junker of his first car to rebuild and restore it.

Are we all just stardust that wanders through the greater universe, for lack of a better word to describe the unfathomable spatial dimension we explore and label with words?

Were you sent by my father? Was I sent by your father? Were we sent by our Motherships to the Fatherland, a long, long time ago, for arts and entertainment?

Count it all joy!

Alpha Commander (filling in for Admiral Omega)

Excerpt from my book...

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Aaron Tarpley

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