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Poetry of memories!

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Memories... That's all that's left! Nothing to hide.. nothing to express! Just me and your memories!

Poetry / Erotica
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Bouquet of flowers

My heart's heavy

like a bouquet full of bloomed flowers

you put on my beating heart,

was it you or was it the fate?

I believed our fate will be a fluke,

but it wasn't

I drank every

Drop of tear

In the night of your memory

I try to stay silent

Not to awaken the caring angels

I prsss my head

Onto the pillow

So i make no noise.

Will my words ever

Reach you.

Or will they just dissapear

Like you.!

You left no trace

Only memories

I try so hard to forget them

But i fail



Will it ever end!?

The fierce truth

Or will i keep living in my own fantasy

My hart's heavy

like a bouquet full of bloomed flowers

you put on my beating heart.

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