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Lost Notes

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A collection of random and dark poetry. These are pieces of poetry I had thought I’d lost over two years ago. I hope you enjoy! There will be no uploading schedle, but i will let you know when something is in the works!🖤

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The Wind through the Trees.

Existence is nothing but a distant and vivid memory.

Pieces of her leaves fell and circled around the branches hanging over her grave.

They dance over the dried and brittle grass surrounding the stone.

A spirit venturing off into the next life was a new seed.

She was better off underground than roaming the world with fear following close behind.

The creeping demons drained every drop of sap she had left.

The leaves sprouted, fell, shriveled...

As the fall arrived, her spirit became weaker as it wandered helplessly through time.

When will she sleep?

When will her dreams sew unimaginable visions to wish for?

When will she get the gratitude owed to her for the solitude on earth?

When will the higher being give her a the smallest shred of peace?

She was chained to her dying roots like a wounded bird to the ground.

The leaves sprouted, fell, shriveled...

Time went on, and the happy souls flourished as the leaves continued to fall from the trees.

The beings who willingly fell to greed, lust, pride, wrath...

…reaped the fruits from her branches.

The sweet fruit from her selflessness, control, and kindness were being thrown to the dirt.

The fruit then engrossed by the insects swarming in the rich soil.

She watched as the miscreants flourished.

They were rewarded despite the knife hid behind humble begs.

The leaves sprouted, fell, shriveled...

The oncoming winter slowly approached, and she fought for the last pedal clinging to the tree.

She buried her weak roots into the dirt, trying to fight the slow agony clawing at her heels.

The splinters explode as a blade beat down the last of the trunk.

Each blow chipping away her memories.

With each cut, the tree shook.

The near naked branches could do nothing but stare at the sap bleeding onto the ground.

One leaf hanging by the thinnest stem, watched as the metal blade revealed rings of stories.

The leaves sprouted, fell, shriveled...

The winter snow bit, and the winter wind roared.

The trunk held onto the blade, as it bled out it's sap.

With the trunk...

…the last leaf snapped.

The trunk descended to the ground, blowing a gust of wind to the last pedal.

The wind twirled the umber leaf.

It was chipped, dingy, yet soft.

I will carry you through the season! The wind whispered through the roar.

The leaves sprouted, fell, shriveled...

The wind was always there.

Through the summer, through the fall, through the winter, and spring.

Some days it was wild blowing in all directions, some nights it was too faint to notice it was there.

Some days it was heated with the sun's rays, some nights it was as cold as the icy lakes.

Some days it was as loud as thunder, some nights it was silent.

How could something so present be so overlooked?

The leaves sprouted, fell, shriveled...

The wind carried her through new valleys.

Valleys with soil that would breathe life back into the spirit, that clung to life.

Valleys carved with rivers of honey.

The wind carried her through ranges lifted with mountains.

Mountains with silence that would calm the chaos within the cities.

Mountains blanketed with snow, and an abundance of adventures waiting to be had.

The wind carried her through pastures full of soft and rich green grass.

Pastures with rich soil to plant in.

Pastures with fields of flowers to make new scents and dyes.

The leaves sprouted, fell, shriveled...

For her seed, the wind pitched a deal the world had never offered.

A chance to plant, and regrow a new life.

The wind slipped visions of a new world.

One which her fruit and leaves were restored.

A life which intertwined with beauty like the vines of liana.

The leaves sprouted, fell, shriveled...

She tampered with the idea, this deal exceeded beyond what she imagined.

Was her seed truly worth all it had promised?

Her dreams, for the first time began painting visions of an alternate reality.

Ideas her roots had never shaped.

Dreams her mind never sewed.

Peace...she never knew.

The leaves sprouted, fell, shriveled...

As time stretched she fell more and more in love with the visions of a new life.

Eventually her admiration grew with the wind itself.

It's generosity and kindness, planted a seed of curiosity she couldn't escape.

Who would've known the wind held gratitude?

Who would've known the wind was there?

The leaves sprouted, fell, shriveled...

She finally approached the wind, and cried out to him.

She was willing to give everything.

Her seed.

Her roots.

Her leaves.

Her spirit.

The leaves sprouted, fell, shriveled...

As the wind waited for her seed, it noticed a warm gesture of kindness.

She was more than willing to give her seed, but not to avoid her own demise...

…only to learn more about the wind.

The gentle blush in her soul matched the warmth of her spirit.

Her voice created a sense of comfort, something stable the wind could go back to.

The wind was always changing.

Yet she, would give the wind a fruit similar to the fruit she bared for the scoundrels.

The leaves sprouted, fell, shriveled...

I don't care to be praised...but please let me cherish your gratitude.

I don't care for the offerings you give!

I care for the knowledge of your touch!

I care for the knowledge of you!

The leaves sprouted, fell, shriveled...

The wind wasn't opposed to the idea of unity.

The wind saw a bright glimpse of light within her shriveled leaves.

The leaves sprouted, fell, shriveled...

Yet the wind pondered with the idea.

Could she truly fathom the consequences she would endure if things were to fail?

Many others were swallowed by the admiration of the wind's generosity, and took his offerings.

Used the wind for guidance.

Used the wind for comfort.

Used the wind for energy.

Used the wind for violence.

The leaves sprouted, fell, shriveled...

The wind saw a similar glimpse of light in another.

The wind was an unforgiving entity.

The wind was unruly.

The wind was furious.

The wind was unpredictable.

The leaves sprouted, fell, shriveled...

The wind warned of all the consequences.

Good and bad.

The consequences like the wrath of the wind.

The consequences like the greetings of the wind.

The leaves sprouted, fell, shriveled...

Leave your misery!

Leave your solitude!

Leave your envy!

Leave your past!

For the world had hated!

The leaves sprouted, fell, shriveled...

Leave your seed and soul!

In exchange, I will give you life!

I will give you peace!

I will give you rebirth!

For I have seen your frui!

The leaves, sprouted, fell, and planted...

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