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Beautiful Trauma: Poetry From The Heart

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"I won't let you turn my heart into something ugly. I will show you that surviving can be beautiful." — Christy Ann Martine

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The Storm

They say you can’t have a rainbow

Without the rain

This storm quickly turns into a flood

And I’m just barely keeping my head above water

You were supposed to be my lifeboat

But instead, you were my anchor

You were supposed to save me

But instead, you added to the storm

I reached my hand up for help

Instead of pulling me up

You pushed my head underwater

I'm swimming against the currents

I’m trying to fight against the monstrous waves

And it's draining all of my energy

Everyone's yelling don't fight it, just give in

Let the waves carry you, it'll be ok

I take a deep breath and relax my body

I think the storm is starting to settle

This feels nice, it's peaceful

I let my body drift along the currents

The sky is turning a dark gray

As lightning cracks against it, I realize it's too late

This storm is too much for me to handle

I reach out to you hoping that you will save me

Cause after all you are my lifeboat

I'm screaming and pleading for help

But you do absolutely nothing

I close my eyes and let the waves

From the storm take me under

I no longer have control and I lose conscious

When I eventually come to I noticed that

The storm has finally passed and

The flood has subdued to only a puddle

And at that moment I realized that

You weren't going to save me from the storm

Because you are the storm

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