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Still trying to heal from her traumatic past, Soreno, a young model, social media influencer, and girl-rights activist is thrown into a rollercoaster of events when she suddenly starts to feel unusual emotions for someone she knows she should never get involved with. Adonis is the kind of guy that can make any girl fall for him, practically make any girl worship the ground he walks on, but he wants nothing to do with love and commitment... Well, until he also starts to think more about Soreno. Will they let down their walls or will they build them higher?

Romance / Erotica
Favour Nyarko
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ABCD is the norm, what society has come to terms with, it is the modest way to go about life, grow up, go to school, grow up, socialize but not necessarily make friends, grow up, study hard, grow up, further your education, grow up, find the right man, date each other for a while, marry, give birth and pass it on.

An unending cycle of normalcy that has us wrapped around its fingers, it becomes bizarre when there's a little difference, when someone does something out of the box they are suddenly pushed out of society, their difference becomes very evident and because they are not like the rest, they are deemed crazy, unusual, weird even.

People can't decipher their oddness, why they move differently, they can't comprehend their boldness and realness and so it starts to upset them, and it is said that humans are most contentious to things they do not understand, because it scares them and it becomes a threat to their way of normalcy.

What is expected of a woman in society?

The normal way of life of a woman may differ depending on the kind of society the woman is found in. In a part of the world, women are seen as nothing more than sex objects, and baby producers, they are mostly restricted from doing some things.

In another part, they are seen as vulnerable beings who need to be protected at all costs. In other parts, which is most unlikely, they may be seen as goddesses, who must be worshiped and adored, they are given maximum free will to do whatever they want, and they rule in society and even make decisions.

In my part of the world, women, in the olden days, were seen as great distractions, vulnerable beings who could not think for themselves, they were sex objects and baby producers. Women in the olden days weren't allowed to school, or partake in important decisions making in society, nor were they allowed to partake in developmental projects in society. Their purpose was to reproduce, train the children, manage the house and everything that entailed it, and keep their mouths shut.

It took a denomination of people who saw a drawback in the norms of society, to stand up for women. It wasn't easy, seeing as this normal lifestyle had been seeded in everybody, how it became normal for women to shut their mouths and keep their hands between their thighs even when what they had to say could bring a change, how it became normal for women to stay back home while their male siblings went to school, and how it became normal for women to sit and be quiet even when they could devise a great plan to win a war.

It took people who saw things differently to gradually bring the rights of women into light, it took ages to instill into the minds of people that everyone was equal irrespective of their gender and women could do what men do and even more.

And so the saying 'what a man can do, a woman can do better

There was no more 'behind a successful man is a woman" because women were busy building empires as soon as they realized the power they possessed.

So slowly, the normalcy was broken and diversity set in, people began to do things differently, people began to dress differently, and think differently.

Coming into modernization, the world is now a place of diversity, women now have power like never before, doing things even their fathers could not do, reaching heights their fellow mates could not reach.

But the question is, what impact has this difference brought?

Is normalcy really fading away? Or women are still restricted somehow?

Has it changed the perspective of things?

Was it a bad change?

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