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Christmas On A Run

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Christmas is not what I was thinking it to be. I am feeling tremendous pressure to work before I reach my deadline. This is the downside of working as a freelancer. By the way, why freelance? We don’t work for free!

Romance / Mystery
Hazel Paradise
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Chapter 1

Christmas is not what I was thinking it to be. I am feeling tremendous pressure to work before I reach my deadline. This is the downside of working as a freelancer. By the way, why freelance? We don’t work for free!

I have been packed up in my room for the last three days. Outside it’s snowing and the whole city is covered in snow. This is a blessing of being a freelancer.

We aren’t able to retain our old customers most of the time but we don’t have to run anywhere to meet a new one.

There were times when I had to run after my boss just to get a sign on the project. Changing jobs was not easy. I used to get less days for Christmas holidays. Now it’s not the case.

“Talking to yourself again Jen?”

I turned around and saw my roommate Lola entering my room with a large tray in her hands. Whatever it is, the smell is amazing.

“What?” she asked, trying to read my face, which always is poker.

“You came at the right time.” I pointed towards the tray.

“Yup, as you forgot to have your dinner last night.”

“Uhh… now I know why I am not able to sleep at night.”

She flashed her million dollar smile. “So work finished?” She placed the tray on the bed and I could help myself with all the delicious breakfast she had brought for me.

“Try this, I just made it.” She offered me a plate of scrambled eggs. “And that’s not scrambled eggs if you are thinking. That’s Migas. Tell me how it is.”

Migas was well loaded with fluffy scrambled eggs, crispy tortilla chips, fresh pico de gallo and tons of melty cheese. Simply delicious. I don’t have to even say anything, my expressions were enough compliment for her.

“So how is your new client?”

“Who?” I get clients every other day, so keeping track is actually not easy.

“That sassy boy - Elijah Malcom.”

I am a social media manager and run an online agency with Lola. I handle social media accounts of celebrities while Lola handles the accounts and the maintenance of our own online presence.

“I received his check last night. He gave us a bonus.”

“Again? Don’t you think it’s a little creepy? A stranger giving away money for doing small odd jobs. I am no expert.”

“Yeah I think so. He left me a text message with the reward.”

She handed me her phone and there in bold was written - “Arrange a dinner with Miss Kavanaugh tonight at Preston. Sharp 8pm. Be on time.”

“What is it?”

“A date with you I guess.” I looked at my friend and she winked at me.

“You think I would accept a date with some stranger?”

“He is well known in Brooklyn, dear.”

“Still I am not going anywhere. It’s Christmas and we are going to..”

“Oh dear. I will be fine. I’ll call Mia to stay with me tonight. You go. You don’t get many chances. What is wrong? He is giving those heavy bonuses. No one did that ever. You should go. We both need money. I am done working for $20 for hour dear. I am done. It’s been one year now. How long are we going to survive on that?”

I looked at my dead serious friend who would do anything to make us rich.

“We have started to work with him recently. Just one week that’s all. I need to know more about him..”

“Jen Kavanaugh, stop acting like a baby. I am not going to hear any no from you. Now let’s get you a nice dress for the dinner. Afterall, you are going on a date with Elijah Malcom. You won’t get lucky again dear. Billionaires don’t date a broke girl. Lucky girl.”

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