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The Earth Witch (Book 1 & 2)

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***Warning: Explicit content including multiple partner s*x scenes and GxG s*x, domestic abuse, depression, and other sensitive topics. Reader discretion is advised*** Book 1: Claimed by the Dragon King Guinevere Wright was just an unassuming young witch… until she met the mysterious Dragon Prince in the woods. Roman Alderon was charming, mysterious, and unbelievably sexy. He was exactly the kind of man Missus Cromwell warned her against. Naive and in love, Guinevere married the prince, but life at the palace was not quite what she expected, especially when on the night of her wedding, Roman invited another man to join them. What exactly has Guinevere gotten herself into and just how far will her new husband go? *** Book 2: Fated to the Wolf Having escaped Roman's claws, Guinevere Wright found herself free at last... or so she thought. Salvador Altamirano was a broken wolf with a dark past, and a deep hatred for witches. Still recovering from his demons and uncovering family secrets and prophecies, a relationship is the last thing he needed. So why then, did this earth witch drive him crazy and why was she so hell bent on running from him? Will Guinevere let herself fall in love again, or will the Dragon King come back to claim his Queen?

Romance / Fantasy
Stephanie Light
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This is a standalone book that is part of a series. You can find the other books on Dreame

The Series in order:

1. The Gold Queen

2. The Ivory Queen

3. The Silent Alpha

4. The Earth Witch

Chapters 1-35 are considered Book 1: Claimed by the Dragon King. The remaining chapters starting at 36 will be Book 2: Fated to the Wolf




In this world, Witches, like vampires, are immortal beings with their aging process ending at the age of 18. Only females contain the witch gene, their powers manifesting on their 13th birthday. Five houses of Witches exist: House of Terra (earth), House of Ignis (fire), the House of Unda (water), House of Caelum (air) and the House of Animus (spirit). Witches of each house specialize in each of the elements, the most powerful and rare being the witches in the house of Animus.

In the antiquity, Witches lived together in covens but the witch hunts in the human world made it dangerous for them to convene and the Great split occurred for their safety. The Councils of Light and Dark that once governed the actions of all witches fell overnight and the witch world found itself in chaos. Since then, witches have scattered themselves around the world, hiding in plain sight and practicing magic in secret.




---The Seeker: a vampire, gifted with the sight and able to seek out new Queens for new clans. They have a red eye/crescent mark on the palms of their hands to designate them as seekers. A seeker is usually a child that survived the turning and is typically killed after seeking so as not name a new Queen within the same clan. A Queen will only create a seeker if she feels death or a threat is imminent. It is very rare for a child to survive a turning so only the strongest children are selected and bitten.

---The Queen: the leader of the clan, she creates vampires and is the only one who's venom can turn a person into a vampire or seeker.

---The Drones: The Queen's harem, men that she mates with. They are affectionally called Princes although they bear no power over clan members and have no right to rule.

---The Hunters/Gatherers/ Warriors: Responsible for hunting humans, retrieving blood, protecting and feeding the clan. They also bring humans to the Queen for turning.

---The Caretakers: Provide care for fledgling vampires, the Queen, the Drones, and the other clan members.




Three main types of werewolves exist: normal werewolves, Silver werewolves, and Gold werewolves. Silver and Gold wolves possess gifts granted to them by Moon Goddess and the Sun God.

As for pack hierarchy, this story follows the typical Alpha > Beta > Gamma pyramid. Alpha's are the Leader of the pack and possess an Alpha voice used to control almost everyone (except the Luna) in the pack. Betas typically step in for the Alpha when they are absent and are considered 2nd in command. They are also in charge of the warriors in the pack. Gammas are considered the best warriors overall (besides the Alpha) and their sole job is to protect the Luna at all costs.

Another hierarchy exist on a larger scale when it comes to gold and silver wolves. Since silver wolves cannot be commanded by Regular Alphas, Silver wolves do not typically live with in packs but rather in separate family clans and have their own Alpha. Gold wolves on the other hand, are Royals by blood and thus possess a Royal voice that allows them to command both Regular wolves and Silver wolves. They rule over multiple packs and clans. This rulership is then referred to as a Kingdom and all Alphas under this Kingdom answer to the Royal family. The Royal family will consist of an Alpha King, a Luna Queen and their heirs, as well as a Royal Beta and a Royal Gamma. Non-immediate heirs typically establish their own kingdom or marry into other royal families.

As for bonds, two types exist: mate bonds and gamma bonds. A mate bond is felt between any two wolves and is equivalent to the idea of soul mates. In this story, werewolves find their mates at the age of 18. Gamma bonds, however, exist only between the Luna of the pack and the Gamma. Since a Gamma is charged with protecting the Luna, I decided to create a non-sexual bond between them. The Luna feels inexplicably safe when near the Gamma while the Gamma feels the urge to protect her. This bond manifests when the Luna is identified/accepted by the Alpha and the Gamma takes his title at the Alpha ceremony. It becomes unbreakable after the Luna completes her Luna ceremony at which time the Gamma swears to protect her with his life.

Thanks in advance for reading Salvador and Guinevere’s story and I hope you enjoy it.

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