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Xavier Knight is a womanizing, adrenaline-chasing, troublemaker and New York's favorite bad-boy billionaire. When his father grows tired of Xavier's antics, he arranges a marriage with Angela Carson. Angela is everything Xavier is not: kind-hearted, warm, and innocent. But Xavier can see right through her. She’s a gold-digger. And he’s going to make her life as “Mrs. Xavier Knight” a living hell.

Romance / Fantasy
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Angela Carson -

A young orphan named Angela Carson, who is a confident young woman with plans to find her parents and the person who has been giving her scholarships since the beginning,

And she is extremely grateful to the person who has done this for her,

She is now supporting herself by working part-time jobs until she completes her graduation and finds work.

She wishes to marry someone with a good heart and start a family, Now she has made a plan for herself to graduate in two years, find a good job, marry a good person, and locate her parents and guardian.

will she be able to do this all?

Appearance of Angela Carson -

Height 5.3 inches

With blue beautiful eyes

Blonde long hair

with a charming beautiful face

A sweet voice

Soft body with no scratches and scars.

Xavier Knight -

Xavier, who recently graduated with poor grades with the assistance of his father.

Xavier, who is very bold, a womaniser, spoiled, sharp, and a billionaire,

Xavier always comes home late at night, doing gambling and racing motorcycles and cars,

Xavier, who has no plans for the future or his life.

Appearance of Xavier Knight -

Height- 6′2 ft

Eye colour- Hazel green with dark pupil

Hair- Dark brown

Lower and hoarse voice,

Hair flicks on forehead,

Thick and wide chest ( i guess you could call that chest girth...not flab! ),

Deep voice, authorative speech,

Toned legs ( swimming and biking does the wonders! )

Thick and well trimmed beard ( not patchy and not a fistful in length! ),

With broad shoulders and un ignorable charm.

What will happen when their lives intersect with one another’s?

It’s morning, and Xavier’s servant lily enters his room with his favourite breakfast pancakes and cold coffee, then she sides the curtains and tries to wake him up fearfully,

Xavier then wakes up and asks why she is disturbing his sleep, Lily informed him at the breakfast table that his father had instructed her to call him and he’s waiting for him to come,

then Xavier told Lily to go and say he’d be there in 10 minutes, Xavier hurriedly prepared himself and went down to meet his father.

Everyone at the breakfast table was waiting for him to arrive, After eating breakfast, Xavier’s younger brother Eric said his goodbye to his parents and elder brother Xavier in a nice manner because he was running late for college and went,

Mr. Robert then asked about Xavier’s current activities to him, xavier responded Nothing special, just the same old routine Mr. Robert then inquired as to which routine xavier was referring to,

So Xavier said dancing, partying, racing, betting, eating, and sleeping. Mr. Robert then yelled angrily, “What is this nonsense?” Do you know what you’re doing with your life?

You’re ruining it. So Xavier was yelling angrily, “What should I do?” Jenna, Xavier’s mother interrupted and asked, “Why are you guys arguing?”

Mr. Robert stated, Join the company and assist me; I’m getting old, so xavier said when the time is right i will join the company but for now let me enjoy my life,

Mr. Robert told him that he is now 23 years old and that he had completed his master’s degree with poor grades. Take your life seriously now. Xavier said okay and went back to his room and slept.

Whereas Mr robert is very worried for Xavier and mr. robert wants Xavier’s life to get better On the other hand,

It is Angela’s first day at her graduation university, and she is very excited,

She goes to reception to inquire about her guardian, who provided her with a scholarship, but the receptionist informs her that she is not permitted to do so, She is now eager to learn more about her guardian and vows to track down the person who changed her life,

She then went to her classroom and sat in her chair, where Eric sat beside her and said hello and asked her name she said hi i’m Angela Carson what is your name Eric replied hey i’m Eric Knight then both attented the class together Then,

During the break, they went to the canteen together and began talking and they both became friends, Angela stated Eric, you appear wealthy, but let me clarify one thing: I am poor, and i work part-time jobs to support myself, and i attend this university on scholarship, Eric then responded, “I don’t see people’s wealth; I see people’s nature and hearts.”

Angela then stated that you may feel uneasy if I meet you outside of the university while working in some cafes, Eric then stated, “I won’t feel anything like that because I like people who are honest and true to themselves.”

Angela said thank you and they continued their conversation the next day at university she went into the store room and searched the scholarship files then she took all the files and brought them to her house and searched for her guardian name, and after much searching, she discovered her guardian name and it was Mr Robert ( Robert Knight ) she finally found him.

She searched him on internet and found out he is a very big business entrepreuner and after that the next day she met Eric and told him about this and he replied that Mr Robert is my dad and stated that Don’t you notice the resemblances between our names, Robert Knight and Eric Knight?

Angela was shocked to know this and Angela pleased and requested that Eric set up a meeting between her and Mr Robert after that Eric said okay and asked her to come along to his home today.

She happily agreed After the classes ended, they both went to Eric’s house to meet Mr. Robert, Mr. Robert was not at home when they arrived, so Angela said she would wait until he returned, which she did for almost 3 hours. Mr. Robert returned, and Eric told him about Angela and that she wants to meet him, He agreed and requested that Eric send her to his study.

Excitedly, Angela went to meet Mr. Robert in his study and rapped on the door, Mr. Robert invited Angela in, and she kissed his hand and said,

“You are my guardian and also like a father to me, who supported me all my life by granting me scholarships in school, college, and now university, and I am very thankful and grateful to you.” Mr. Robert told Angela, “I’ve known you for many years, and I also knew your parents, and they were really good people, which is why I helped you.

“Angela then stated, “I’m an orphan; do you know if my parents are alive or dead?” Mr. Robert asked Angela if she truly considers him to be his father, and if he asks for something, will she give it to him.

Angela responded, “I’d even take a gun shot for you because I’m in such good shape now and living a decent life because of you.

“I received money through scholarships, and that is how I have lived my life because of you, Mr. Robert then asked Angela for a favour, to which Angela replied, “What is it?”

Mr. Robert then asked Angela to marry his elder son, Xavier, Angela then questioned Mr. Robert about why he wants her to marry his son, Mr. Robert told Angela that his elder son is a spoiled brat who doesn’t listen to anyone and that he wants his elder son to be on the right track in life, Angela stated How can I go about doing it?

Mr. Robert described Angela as a brilliant young woman with a lot of confidence, and he believes she will change his son, Mr. Robert then said to Angela,

“If you want to return all my favours and also learn about your parents, marry my son, “Then he said, “I know I’m being selfish, but I really don’t have a choice.” then he said Angela decide and tell me your decision tomorrow and gave his personal number to her and then she said bye and went back with questions in her mind.

And when she returned home, she kept wondering what to do because she has so many favours from Mr. Robert, and she will also learn about her parents, and after hours of deliberation, she decided to marry Xavier without even knowing or seeing him.

The next day on the breakfast table, Mr. Robert called Xavier and when he came Mr. Robert advised him to be prepared then Xavier asked him about what?!

His father then informed him that he would be married this week then Xavier said to whom then his father said Angela then Xavier asked who is she? then he said she is a girl i know and she is a very good and brilliant girl Then Eric asked Mr. Robert if he was referring to Angela Carson then he said yes,

Then Xavier said to his father, “I will not marry anyone,” and his father said, “You have to.” Then Xavier said, “I will leave home,” and Mr Robert said, “You can certainly leave, but before you do, please return all of my credit and debit cards, all of your car keys, and all of your expensive accessories.” Then Xavier asked his father, “How could you do this to me?” His father replied, “Marry the girl or leave the house,” and Xavier’s mother, Jenna, told everyone to calm down And Xavier left.

Xavier starts thinking about what to do and calls his friends to ask if he can live with them; everyone says yes, but only for a few days, like a week.

After talking to everyone, he realised that no one will help him and decided to get married to Angela, make some money and then leave Angela. Because now he has no money and he will be broke if he leaves his house, after that he called his father and said he is ready to get married and Mr Robert asked Xavier to come home by 5 p.m

Mr. Robert called Angela and asked her to respond, and she replied, “Yes, I will marry your son”, Mr Robert then invited Angela to his home to meet with Xavier and to set the wedding date.

What happens when they meet each other?

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