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Tainted Love

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Janet Clinton was an investigative journalist. A few weeks after she broke up with her fiance; Jimmy Jeff, she realized that she was pregnant by him. Around this time, she also discovered a shocking truth about him. She acted on impulse and worked alongside the police to put him behind bars. What happened to Jane after Jeff was imprisoned? Will she keep the pregnancy? Will she give her heart to Benny Bells who decided to take responsibility for her pregnancy? Will her friendship with her friend; Lisa Peterson hit rock bottom? Will Jeff walk out of the prison a free man? Find out.

Romance / Drama
Crystal Pebblez
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Chapter 1: Prologue

One Year Ago

Alexander Peterson drove back home with his secretary. He had left an important document behind and had to pick it up. He was the CEO of Evans Mechanics. He made it into the list of the first twenty successful entrepreneurs in the country.

Despite his success and marriage, one of the luxuries he enjoyed is women. His infidelity was a tale a toddler could tell.

His girlfriends did not mind his marital status. They flaunt their bodies for his fame, looks, social status, riches and possibly a position at his firm.

As large as his chain of girlfriends was, he was not the type that made the first move on women but whenever he was done, he moved on.

Alex's secretary; Marie Tanner was one of the gold-diggers who got a position in his company with such motives. After a few weeks of flirting she got his attention and had him in her palms.

The afternoon was hot and the weather was not friendly, Alex walked up to Marie and asked, "I would like you to come home with me. I have some stuff to pick up."

"Oh! Yes sir". Marie responded, she was overly joyful. She knew this was her chance. She had caught him stealing glances at her.

"This isn't about picking some stuff alone... but why his house? He must have liked me so much", she thought and blushed.

Alex pulled over at his residence and opened the door lavishly for Marie. She made her way down clumsily and rubbed her full chest on him. She blew out a subtle apology while Alex grinned seductively and led her in. It was indeed a welcomed invitation.

Once inside, Alex pulled off his shoes and struggled out of his suit. "It is quite hot, the air conditioners are switched off". He complained.

It was a perfect opening for Marie, she drew closer and asked flirtatiously, "Sir, can I help you with that?"

"What?... Oh! Of course, thanks".

Marie walked closer and pulled off his suit with ease, she proceeded to unknot his tie.

Alex held back the tie but Marie did not back down; she smiled cozily and slowly dragged down his hand. Alex took the hint and released his grips.

She flung the tie on the sofa and unbuttoned his shirt lazily to reveal well toned muscles laid over broad shoulders. Her fingers sprawled over them and drew circles around his nipples.

"Do you go to the gym? Your muscles are something else." "Yeah! I ... Wow! That feels so good", Alex said hoarsely.

Marie dropped his shirt and teased his nipples with her hands. She brewed fire in his loins.

Her hands ran down and kneaded his bottom. She opened his zipper and flipped the flaps of his pants aside. "I can make you feel good down there", she said and stretched her hands over the length of his dick. Alex moaned. "You sound so sexy", she whispered.

Alex pulled her in and captured her lips for a hot and hungry kiss. He sucked air out of her lungs and both panted. They parted to catch their breath but Marie took his lips into her mouth again.

Alex undid the buttons of her gown and pulled it off at a go. Marie pulled off her under garment to reveal a white laced bra. "I like your bra", Alex said and traced the swellings of each breast through her bra lace.

He fiddled with her hardened peaks through the soft fabrics of her bra. Marie moaned and pushed Alex into the sofa. She followed after him and shifted her full weight on his laps.

Alex undid her bra to reveal her perfectly round dough. He whistled at the sight. He extended his hand to the small of her back while his lips, tongue and teeth devoured her breasts.

Marie moaned and twirled in pleasure. She jerked her head backwards and flaunted her bare breasts close to Alex's mouth. Alex kneaded both breasts simultaneously and sucked them hard.

Marie moaned sweetly and loudly. Her moans played like music in Alex's head. He lifted her and carried her into the bedroom. He licked her neck and he sucked her nipples harder. He smashed her on the bed and followed after.

His mouth found its way back to hers and devoured her lips recklessly. Without warning, his fingers rocked her cradle and slid into her. She could not hold the pleasure. She moved her hips back and forth and pushed his fingers further. "More," Marie stuttered in pleasure.

The rocking stopped and Marie was empty. She lifted her hips to fill her emptiness but his fingers were gone.

Alex drove his hardness down into her without warning. He thrust in and out and Marie yelled in pleasure and flowed with the rhythm.

Lisa Peterson drove in. She was done earlier with the audit at her store. She pulled into the garage and noticed her husband's car carelessly parked within the premises. "Is Alex back?" She thought as she approached the mansion.

"Boss is back," the gatekeeper said mischievously. Lisa nodded and made her way in. "Why is he home so early? Hope he isn't sick or something," she thought and hastened her steps.

'Alex'! She called out worriedly. The main entrance was left open, which was unusual. She stepped in and saw heaps of clothes. Some on the sofa while some on the floor. They were followed by a trail of female's clothes and underwear. The trail ended in front of the bedroom.

"Let it not be what I am thinking," Lisa prayed silently and flung the door open.

"Yeah... Marie... you are so sweet... yes..." Alex called out and banged harder and faster. Marie moaned with pleasure while Lisa watched on with her mouth wide open.

"Alex!" Lisa screamed. Marie freaked out, all lustfulness gone. "Stop! Stop! Stop!" She screamed. The louder she screams the harder Alex bangs. "Yeah, baby, your screams fill my head. I love them". "Alex, it's your wi.. fe!" Before Marie could finish the sentence, he ravaged her mouth in his. She moaned. "You pretender, is this not what you wanted? I am filling your hunger, just get filled." Alex said and rammed into her mercilessly, he washed off the worries in her head and Marie responded lustfully again.

Lisa watched on as her husband ignored her presence. He dug in and out of another woman on their matrimonial bed and made her watch. Tears built up in her eyes. She was overwhelmed with bitterness.

Alex reached his peak, he withdrew his hardness and jerked hard as he spilled on the sheets. Marie breathed heavily. She was too weak to run off immediately. She laid there breathing hard.

When she gathered her strength, she rose up and ran past the older woman. She went for her clothes, abandoned her underwear, pulled on her gown and took to her heels.

Lisa was too surprised to react. She stood like a statue and watched as Marie made her way out. It was the first for Lisa. Alex has never brought a whore into their home or it was the first time she would catch him doing so.

Lisa was restless, she paced the room and tears spilled as she waited for Alex to emerge.

Alex emerged from the bathroom, he was surprised that Marie was gone while her brassiere and panties laid strewn on the floor. He smirked and walked past his wife like she did not exist.

"Alex! I demand an explanation," Lisa said heatedly.

"An explanation? You saw it all. Do you want me to tell you how sweet she was?"

Lisa couldn't take it anymore. She walked towards him and struck him hard on the face. Alex returned a resounding slap and said calmly, "It's not as if you ain't aware of my escapades, so why the shit? You hypocrite. Do you know why we are still married? It's because I don't want gossip about my broken marriage flying all around else, I would have left you to freely carry out my enterprise."

"Not to my face! Not in the house! Not in our bed.. You humiliated me," Lisa yelled and wept. "Oh! Is that it? Tell me, what's so special about the bed? I will have another one delivered tomorrow". Alex said calmly and walked out.

He returned a few minutes later to pick up the documents he had come to pick, "that slut, I almost forgot this again," he muttered and walked out to get his car.

Lisa cried bitterly. She was bitter beyond consolation. She put a call to her friend who rushed over to hear her out.

"What humiliation! Lisa, I have told you to leave this man! He will be the death of you! If you are tied to him because of his wealth, do you know how much he will pay for alimony? Well, I know you ain't the type that is crazy about money but I am really going crazy. What is your problem? Why are you doing this to yourself ? He will ruin you!" Jane said to Lisa and pulled her into her embrace.

"I love him... I love him dearly," Lisa muttered whilst Jane shook her head in irritation.

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