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The Wolf, The Fae and The Portal Book 3 - Fated Love Series

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This series will be removed from Inkitt on January 30th and only found on D.re.a.me App. The Wolf - A man who has seen it all thru his decades of life, friends with a vampire, the Alpha of the largest pack in the US. He has traveled the world and has had his fill of many lifetimes worth of trouble. Will he ever find his fated mate? Why hasn't he found her yet? The Fae - She is in a world her kind were forced to run to. A world of only Fae, selfish and cruel living for decades and not really loving anyone. Being Forced into an arranged marriage with a cruel selfish Fae for the benefit of her parents. Will she escape and what happens when she does? The Portal - A means to another world long forgotten? Who knows come join our friends on this adventure who knows you might even know some of them. This book is 18+ and will have sexual scenes and violence. No mate on mate violence ever!!!

Romance / Fantasy
Jenny D
5.0 3 reviews
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Moved to

This series will be removed from Inkitt on January 30th and only found on D.re.a.me App. any other book I write will also only be found on the Dre.ame App Most are still free. I use the same name as well. I have a book i am currently writing on that app as well. Hope to see you there.

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