My Unsent Love Letters

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Chapter 10

The clock struck four. He was still reading the same book since morning and a customer came to the counter and place two books in front of him. He put down his book and reached for the two books. Then he looked at the customer. She was smiling at him and almost let a laugh.

“James!” She almost let a loud shout.

“Anna?” James quite surprised.

“How are you?” She asked.

“I’m good. Haven’t seen you in a while. How about you?” James asked her back.

“I’m fine. Yea... It’s been years I think. You’re new here?” While waiting for James to scan the books.

“I just started a few weeks ago. Alright, sorry to keep you waiting. Here you go.” He placed the books into the paper bag and give it to her.

“I see. Well, I don’t want to bother you working.” She was ready to leave the cafe.

“Anna. I lost your phone number. Can I have another one?” James asked spontaneously despite he was actually hesitant to ask.

“What? Did you lose it? You don’t have Facebook anymore do you.” Anna writing her phone number on a small paper.

“Haha. I tried to stay low profile.” James can’t help himself and laugh helplessly.

“There you go. Don’t lose it.” She handed over the paper.

“Thanks. Let’s hang out together when you free.” James smiled at her as she was leaving the cafe.

“Sure. Let me know.” Anna smiled back and left.

James was actually quite surprised with the encounter. He hasn’t heard of Anna for quite long time. One or almost two years. He basically cut out himself from his classmates except for Ron and Danny. He also got her phone number too.

That night he opens his writing block and prepares himself to write another letter. Before he started writing the first word. He dropped his pen down. He could just text her right now. He unlocked his phone and go to message. He tapped on her name and ready to write the text. He stares the screen. What should he send, he was lost in words.

James doubts himself. He is too scared and too cautious. There are thousands of excuses in his head right now. He braced himself. Took a deep breath. He typed ‘Hi Anna’ and send it. It’s just a minute ago he sent the text. He already felt it like half an hour. After few minutes his phone vibrated.

Hi, James. You texted me. Anna finally replied his text.

I’m not bothering you right now, am I? James replied without second thought.

No, you are not. She replied.

How about we hang out this weekend? Are you free? James braced himself asking her out.

This weekend? How about Saturday? I’m free.

James almost jumped out his bed after he received the text. So they decided to meet up on Saturday and have lunch together.

“Hi, James.” Anna greeted her.

“Hi, Anna. You’re here!” James sounded a bit excited.

“Sorry to make you wait.” Anna apologized for her late arrival.

“No need too. I just arrived too.” James smiled.

James called the waiter and they ordered their lunch. James was actually clueless on where to start. They haven’t seen each other and there are many things he wanted to talk about. James would just stare her eyes and rolled away whenever their eyes caught each other. Inside his head, he would describe her.

Her white and sometimes pale skin and cherry plump cheeks. Her round eyes with barely visible dark circles. Her thin upper lips and pinkish colored. James can see why Anna looks so attractive to him. He can’t avert his eyes away except when she caught him and smile.

“You are awfully silent James.” She broke the silence.

“Haha. No, I’m just thinking.” James tried to cover. “I haven’t seen you for some time and now here you are.”

“James! I didn’t know!” While leaning forward.

“Know what?” James confused.

“That you can be speechless sometimes! You were quite the active one in the class as I remembered correctly.” Sipping her green tea. “So how’s you and Sophie?”

After James heard Sophie’s name were mentioned, he went silent suddenly. It is awkward for him and it was Anna who asked the question. He let out a small laugh to cover himself.

“We broke up,” James answered shortly.

“Oh. Sorry to hear that.” Anna feeling sorry. “I always believed you guys were the perfect couple. Everyone in the class was talking about how you two fits.”

“Haha. Really? Well, that’s something. It’s just we had our separate way now.” James explained. “How about you?”

“Me? Well, I dated a guy recently but he was kinda cheated on me. Now he married another girl. Bastard.” Anna while gripping her fist with a tense face.

“What? That’s just worst. He doesn’t deserve you, Anna.” James trying to calm her down. “Are you working now?”

“Yea I’m working,” Anna answered him.

They were talking until the evening. James can’t help to smile. He feels something about her. The long forgotten crush he felt before. After they done talking, James sent her to the station with a goodbye. They talked about many things. Anna is currently working in a multinational company as an executive. She is currently single and she lives in the city alone not too far from his workplace.

Later that night, he was ready to write something. He was not sure on how he should

Dear Anna,

I don’t know how to express my feeling right now. There is this one little spot in my heart, glad that I met you again. I’m so happy to see you and hear your story. I’m so happy when you smile and stare me back. I’m so happy that I can hear that lovely voice of yours.

I hope we can be a close friend. I know that I had a crush on you before. I might also have a crush on you now. Somehow, I don’t care if this would be an unrequited love and broke my heart. I just want to be someone who is close to you and someone who you can turn to when you in need.

I’ll leave you a poem. I hope you enjoy it.

How would I describe you,
Such composite figure,
With attractive eyes,
Along with lovely smiles,
And pinkish plump cheeks,
Soothing and calming voice,
Funny and bit clumsy,
Fierce and firm,
Unpolished yet beautiful on its own.

Your coward friend,


James closed his writing block. He looked again at what he wrote. If Anna were to read everything that he wrote. What will happen? He can’t stop thinking of himself as a creepy guy. A guy who have a crush but never really tell her anything. He wrote how he feels instead. He wonders about the things he can do now.

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