My Unsent Love Letters

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Chapter 11

James has been contacting Anna ever since. They would text each other and be keeping up with the things happening in their life. James decided to text Anna about hanging out this weekend.

Hey, Anna! Are you free this weekend?

Half an hour later, James received a reply from Anna. She told him that she is free and why did he ask.

Let’s hangout this weekend. I’ll treat you some ice cream in the park. My treat!

A few moments later, Anna replied and agreed.

On the weekend they meet up at the park. James can’t help to feel glad and happy to meet Anna. For James, spending time with Anna made his world a much better place.

They were talking about a lot of things and James decided to ask her if she is looking for a new relationship after the broke up she had.

“To be honest. I’m kinda not ready for any relationship right now.” Anna confessed.

“Because of your recent breakup?” James asked.

“Yea,” Anna replied shortly.

“How long have you guys been together?” James asked again.

“Around 2 years. Thinking about him will just make my blood boils. Every single time!” Anna with a frustrating face.

“Come on, chill! You want some ice cream? My treat.” James offered.

“I’m fine with it. Sure.” Anna said.

James stood up and walked to the nearby ice cream truck. After a short walk less than a minute. He then ordered two cones of ice cream. Chocolate flavor and lime flavor. He knows Anna love sour flavored ice cream. She told her once when they were in college.

After he got his ice cream he walked back to the bench while Anna was looking at him with a smile.

“How did you know I like sour ice cream?” Anna with a shocking tone.

“You told me once.” He replied.

“Seriously? When was that?” She asked again.

“In college. You don’t remember?” James teased her.

“No. It’s amazing how you could remember? That was like ages ago!”

“Nah, it’s nothing. Stop it or you gonna make me blush all over.” James responded.

“It’s never easy to forget someone who’s been with us and be a part of our life.”

Anna looked at him and smile. “Yeah, it’s hard.” She answered shortly.

James looked back at her. There are many things rumbling in his head. He really likes her but he could not let a single word out. He doesn’t know if he is being considerate or he doesn’t have the courage to let his feeling out.

It’s a conflict that he doesn’t know how to solve. Should he tell her how he really feels about her? Or he should just wait and stay as a friend first?

“Are you okay? You’ve been spacing out and your ice cream is melting James.

James was startled and quickly eating his ice cream but getting brain freeze soon after.

“Haha. You silly.” Laughing at him.

“I wish you get yours soon Anna.” Said James, while recovering from his painful experience.

After they finished their ice creams both of them parted ways.

James reached his apartment and looking out through the window. It’s almost midnight and he couldn’t sleep. Anna is the only thing in his head right now. Is this a sign for him? Anna was someone he had a crush years ago. He was able to move on because he met Sophie.

He already gets over Sophie and met Anna again. He has a crush on her again. James couldn’t find a better reason but to call this a fate. Yet, what kind of fate that the girl is not really in a mood of love? Maybe fate is playing with him. James being clueless on how he should proceed or work this thing out.

The next day, James working as usual and he was about to take the order for a customer.

“Can I take your order, miss?” James asked.

“Sure. One lemonade please.” She said.

“Certainly. Anything else?” Added James.

“That’s all. Oh yea, one more thing. Who wrote all these poems here?” She asked him.

“I wrote them. Out of boredom and free time I have in the store.” Answered James.

She looked at the poems printed and pasted on the windows around the store. Some of them are from famous poets. However, there are some of the poems with no names of the author.

“This one right here.” She pointed to one of them.

He’s a man,
With words,
But when it fails him,
He’s just a child,
With foolishness.

“What does it mean? What are you trying to express here?” She asked him.

“I can tell you more about it after I’m done with your lemonade miss.” James smiled and walked away from her table.

James prepared the lemonade with wandering thoughts. It’s quite rare that his poems caught customers attention. Usually, they would just read it and that’s it. No feedback. As for this one, she is a curious type.

A few minutes later, James came holding a tray with the lemonade he had prepared. She told him to sit down. He sat down and asked her what is this all about.

She pulled out a card from her bag and give it to him. James read it.

Literary Hope Club. Rebecca Stone.

“Do you like to write… James?” She paused for a while and was looking for his name tag.

“I do write occasionally,” James replied shortly.

“What do you usually write?” she asked again.

“I wrote poems, some short stories and… some my unsent letters.”

She almost didn’t hear what James said about the last one because James was murmuring to himself.

“Your? What?” She looked at James.

“Love letters… I wrote love letters to my crush and never really sent them.” James embarrassed.

“Love letters huh? How much did you write?” she asked.

“I didn’t count. I’ve been writing for like three to four years now.” James told her and somehow realized that by talking about it to someone made him feel like he is a hopeless guy.

“Haha. Interesting! So, what do you usually wrote in the letters? There must be something because you’ve been writing letters for a few years now. You never confessed?” She showed some interest.

“This is embarrassing. You gonna make me die out of embarrassment you know.” He said with a little laugh. “Sometimes I do meet up with her. So, I wrote the things that I couldn’t say and sometimes leave a poem in them.

“Tough love, huh... Let me be straight. I’m a founder of this club and we published books as well. Currently, we are looking something different. And somehow, I am interested in looking at your love letters. Will you help me?”

James was excited and in the same time, it is hard for him to believe. He never thinks that his love letters can be appreciated in that perspective.

“Okay, Miss Stone.” James was suddenly interrupted.

“Just call me Rebecca. That will do.”

“Oh. Okay, Rebecca. I’d love to help you on this one. I actually don’t even know what my love letters will do for your and book club. But, if you think this is something that you trust in… I’ll gladly share mine!” James said it with a smile.

“Great! You can find my contact and my email address in the card. Just send me few letters first and I’m gonna go through it,” she said.

That night, the first thing James did was preparing few of his love letters to Rebecca. He believes that he might make Anna more attracted to him if he did something like this. For James, this is a chance for him to finally say something to Anna and get over with it.

James like her so much but there is always this barrier keeping him from saying anything. He enjoys being together with her every time they went out. James just couldn’t say the magic word because each time he wanted to say about it, he swallowed the words. There are thoughts inside his head that keep asking if he really likes her. If he confess and she has the same feeling, what’s next? Those thoughts made him scared and reserved.

A few days later, after Rebecca received some of the letters from James. She came to the cafe and looking for James.

“I need a mocha, please... and cold. Okay, James. I pitched your letters to the panels and... They loved it! The panels said it’s a good way to keep the city folks to feel the February mood later. So, there will be some paperwork but don’t worry because I will keep updating you.” She explained it with so much excitement.

“Thank you so much for doing this. I can’t thank you enough!” James can’t help to have his smile stretch to his ears while handing over a cup of mocha to Rebecca.

“You can thank me later when this work of yours get published. It’s been awhile since I read something that is so simple yet the emotions just flowed into me naturally. I also hope that this could help you in some way.” Slowly sipping her Mocha drink slowly that she just received.

“Some way? What do you mean?” James seems a bit confused.

“James. You’ve been keeping your feelings bottled up for years now. Have you ever thought of confessing? Sorry, if I keeping my nose where it shouldn’t be but… I’m curious,” said Rebecca with the curious look on her face.

James looks at her and smile. “Not today.” He walked away and let out little laugh.

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