My Unsent Love Letters

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Chapter 15

It was a long drive for Anna. She decided to find James herself and Rebecca leads her to James parent house. It will be a three hours drive from the city for her. Along with her drive, she could not get in touch at all with James.

She cannot think the reasons why James suddenly disappeared away from her. There are plenty of questions to be asked later when she meets him.

“I think this is the house.” Anna pulled over her car and parked it in front of a two-storey house. She stepped out and the crisp sound of grass greets her. The view was captivating because the house is actually located in quite a high ground with small farms around it.

Anna then hurried to the door and knocked. It was after her second time knocking the sound of locks clicking from the other side of the door. A man perhaps in his fifty opened the door.

“Yes?” The man looks curious but still looking friendly.

“Is this the Larson house?” Anna asked.

“Yes, it is. I am Howard. You are?” His face looks confused as he tried to remember if the girl in front of him is someone familiar.

“I am Anna and I’m a friend of James.”

There was a slight pause from the man as he just remembered something but wrinkled a little above his eyes.

“Ah yes, Anna! Please come in. I’ve been wondering where have I saw you and I think it is from James class or graduation pictures. Come in.” Inviting Anna with much hospitality. “Please, take a seat.”

Anna sits on a couch and saw the man leave her alone as he went to the kitchen. A few seconds later, he returned with a woman.

“Oh Anna, I’m Margaret, James mother.” While they greet each other with hugs and kisses. Then, both of them sit down on the couch. Then the father asked Anna on her visit.

“I’m here to meet James. He left the city without even a word. I tried to call him but nothing. I had to ask his friend for his address. Is James here?”

Both of the Larson looked at each other for a moment. Then Margaret shifted her sit and lean closer to Anna while holding her hands. Then, Howard opened his mouth after taking a deep breath.

“Anna, James is no longer here.” While his hand started to shake a little.

“What do you mean?” Anna looks confused and wondering what does he mean by that.

Margaret holds Anna’s hands tighter as her eyes are now watery and few tears dropping slowly. She tried to open her mouth but she could not.

“James passed away last week,” Howard said it slowly.

“No… How?” Anna found that the news is hard to believe and starting to think if this is a joke.

“It was his cancer. He did not say anything about it to you?” Anna can see how hard Margaret trying to explain.

“I don’t know. He did not tell me anything. James… No…” Tears have been falling from her eyes unconsciously. She feels shocked and all this unbelievable. She came here to find James but his death was not something she expected. Not to mention that James died because of cancer. James did not mention anything about it. Not even a clue. Did James been hiding it? She feels like a loser as a friend.

“I’m sorry.” As her tears dropping faster every second.

“We thought you would know dear.” Margaret slowly took Anna to her arms. Brushing her hair gently while her tears still fall. She looked at her husband. “Dear, the letter. Remember?”

As soon as Howard understand, he then stands up and walked to a drawer nearby. He took a classic looking envelope and the envelope was sealed with sealing wax too. He then handed the envelope to Anna.

“He left this for you. At first, we were wondering who is this Anna because James never really said anything about you. When we asked, he said you guys are just friend.”

“Thanks.” While fetching the envelope and tearing the wax instantly. Anna then read the letter.

Dear Anna,

If you are reading this letter, I am already in a far away place. Also, you must be at my parent house right now!

I am sorry for not telling you anything about my cancer. It all happened too fast and I do not want to bother you with my problems. I know we are good friends but I cannot force it. I wanted to tell you and share it with you but there will be thousands of reasons telling me not to.

Please do not blame yourself on this matter. You are a great friend and a friend I will always remember and cherished.

If you have read the book that Rebecca should have given you by now, again, I am sorry for keeping it and not telling a thing about it. I just do not know how to tell you. There are times I brave myself to tell you but I could not. I froze and my tongue shorts.

All I can was to write them all in a letter and somehow made me a creep. Please forgive me.

Before I stop, which I feel reluctant to do, I want to let you know that I am happy and I am glad to meet you again. The time we spent together even for short is enough to make me walk to heaven with a big smile.

Never ever be sad about the thoughts I am no longer there. Remember the thoughts when we have our moment and the memories we made. And remember, I am happy with you. Oh, and do not blame yourself.

Goodbye Anna, stay safe my lovely friend. I will always love you.



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