My Unsent Love Letters

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Chapter 3

James now in his senior year. It was tough being in the senior year. Fewer classes in a week but more projects to be completed. Despite all that it was not really that bad for James. He has moved on now. Anna is now a history and he has a girlfriend to keep him company.

He still remembers the first time they saw each other when the New Year started. They were at a party held by the faculty.

“Danny can you stop?” asked Ron.

“On what?” replied Danny with his mouth full of roasted meat.

“That! Munching like a troll that hasn’t eat for 300 years!” Ron trying to make a statement.

“Oh come on! You should eat some!” Danny trying to force a slice of meat to Ron’s mouth.

“Glad to have you two around. This senior year going to be the best year of our life!” said James who were beside them.

“James, look at there.” Danny pointing his face towards a crowd of girls. “I heard that they are our juniors. Kinda cute and hot too!”

“What gives? You guys are leaving me out on this one?” said Ron who jump into their conversation as he was left earlier with a mouth full of meat.

“Ron, you never really were interested in girls anyway!” teased Danny.

“I am a straight guy! It’s just I haven’t met the right girl. Should be the same to James too.”

“What? I’m straight dammit!” claimed James. “Look at her. She looks cute enough. Do you guys know her?”

“Which one?” said both of them.

“That one. With the white dress? Along with other girls who were chatting near the corner.” James trying to explain the girl that he mentioned. “Ron?”

“I remembered! They are our juniors. They are in their second year.” Explained Ron.

“Are you serious?” Danny was shocked. “I never knew that our juniors are mostly beauties!”

James looked at that particular girl again. She looks at him and smiled. James smiles back and raises his glass of orange juice. The girl blushed and looked away. If James were to describe the girl in the party. She was lovely and cute at the same time. She has this friendly vibes around her. She has a lovely smile and would capture the heart of the weak willed guy.

Not long after the faculty party. James was in charged on gathering info for some faculty work as he was somehow the class representative in the faculty and was in charge of it. So, despite he has no class today he still needs to complete this work and the only way to do it is to meet his juniors in person.

After he talked to the lecturers who were teaching for his juniors. They agreed to inform him where the classes will be held. So, he visited every single class attended by his juniors. Now, he is visiting the second year. They were waiting in class for Critical Thinking and Writing class by Mr. Robert. He was strict but a nice fellow.

The class was already full and Mr. Robert was a bit late. So, James took the opportunity to enter the class and get his tasks done.

“Excuse me!” As he entered nervously and try to grab their attention. “Is this second year class for English Literature course?”

“Yes. Who are you?” asked one of the class member.

“Okay, let me introduce myself. My name is James and I would need some help from you guys.”

“What kind of help?” asked another one of them.

“Basically it’s some easy stuff. I need you guys to fill in this survey form and return it to me after the class has ended. I will be waiting outside.” Immediately after he said that. Mr. Robert was standing behind him.

“Ahem!” Mr. Robert tries to startle him.

“Oops! Sorry, Mr. Robert. I am telling you it won’t take long.”

James leaves the class and went to the nearest vending machine to get some cold drinks. He knows the class would end in around forty minutes or so. He’s going to be a sitting duck if he waited there without doing anything.

He found the vending machine. He pulled out some notes from his wallet and slide it inside the money slot. The notes get sucked and he presses the button for coffee. The loud sound of the tin can be heard and James opens the lid at the below part of the machine. He grabs his tin of coffee. James realized there was someone behind him.

“Oh sorry.” He moved aside. He then looked behind. He saw the girl that was in the party before.

“Thanks.” She said.

“Shouldn’t you be in class?” James asked.

“I’m doing chores for him. So, I here I am.” She explained. While giving him the survey forms that was handed to them earlier.

“Thanks, I told you guys I can wait.” James a bit shocked.

“It’s okay. Mr. Robert said that he doesn’t like people wasting their time. So he took few minutes of his time and told us to fill in the form quickly.” She explained further and smile to James.

“Thank you. Umm...” James paused.

“Sophie. You can call me Sophie.” She told her name and hasn’t to the class.

“Thanks, Sophie! Now all settled. I just need to return this form to someone in the faculty office. Sophie huh.” A name that has a special place in James’ heart later on.

After that first encounter with Sophie, James could not stop himself from thinking about his lovely junior. He feels that Sophie is different. James would just spend his time in class staring the blank space or a corner of the room.

“Stop daydreaming!” Ron startled James and informed him that he should be focusing on the class. It is not like he loses focus or anything. It’s just the class is quite hot because the air conditioner was not functioning and the weather outside is hot too. James a bit distracted.

He attended one of the last classes he needs to attend. This is the last class because of the lecturer, Ms. Wong just informed that we need to do some final year project for this class. Some of us were happy because the final year project is a theater presentation. James has expected it because they are literature students. Eventually, this kind of project will come.

“Damn. I don’t want to act. Can I just be the prop?” James telling that to himself.

“Sorry to say this James,” said Ms. Wong who heard it as James was sitting right in front of her. “The play that we gonna do is Romeo & Juliet and would be great if you can be Romeo.”

“Wait? what!” James shocked on the instruction his lecturer just gave him.

“And the Juliet would be… Anna!” Another shocking announcement for James from Ms. Wong.

“Why me Ms. Wong?” Anna asked.

“Because you two are currently the top scorer in my class. So, I want to see you guys in action!” Explained Ms. Wong to Anna.

This is something unexpected for James. He doesn’t even know if he can act or not. Moreover to be paired with Anna for the play. He has no problem but it might end up as an awkward play of Romeo and Juliet adaptation. The play will be held in a month and a half. Basically, they have little time to rehearse including the preparation of props.

As agreed together with the other actors, the rehearsal would be conducted in the evening. Would be better if class ended early. As for days with no classes, actors are needed to memorize their lines. James having difficulties when it comes to memorizing things. So, he decided to talk with Anna about his problem.

“Actually me too!” A surprising statement made by Anna.

“You what? Oh god!” James would never think that Anna will be facing the problem too. “So, how should we do this?”

“Let’s just try to practice okay!” Anna trying to be confident. James looked at her and agreed.

James practiced every day. Sometimes it’s with the others and sometimes with Anna alone. He still can’t let go that awkward feeling of his. He does love Sophie but being alone together with someone you once had a crush on. Is something new for him. Things getting a lot worse when he arrived at the romantic parts of the play. As this play is just an adaptation of Romeo & Juliet, they only kept the name original. The script was freshly written by their classmates who were responsible for the script and storyline.

“This is no longer Romeo’s classic part...” James sighed.

“James, come on. We did this few times already!” said Anna.

“Alright. Here we go” James with eyes half awaked and being lazy. “Dear Juliet. Your eyes shine like Orion. Your nose stand firm like the Everest. Your lips puffy like the sweet cream puff. Pfft...”

“James! Stop laughing!” said Anna sternly.

“Sorry! It’s just funny and how precisely it describes you,” said James in teasing yet honest way.

“Does my nose looks like the Everest to you?” said Anna in a serious tone.

“I’m sorry okay. You kinda look scary right now. Are you okay?” James asked as Anna looking a bit tense today. “Did something happened?”

“No, it’s okay.” Anna trying to contain herself.

“We are friends aren’t we?” James trying to comfort her.

Anna looks at him and started to cry. James holds her hand to comfort her and leads her to sit. James a bit lost on what’s happening. Why would Anna start to cry suddenly? Yet James understands that if she wants to talk about it let her talk about it, if she doesn’t want to talk about it, he won’t bother to ask.

“I... had a fight,” said Anna while sobbing. “With... my boyfriend...”

James looked at her and he doesn’t know how to respond. Should he say something nice? Should he condemn his boyfriend? Usually if Sophie cry he would just hug her. James closing his body and hugged Anna closely. Anna continues to cry on his chest.

James clearly can smell the same perfume that he once adores. Anna is so close to him right now that he can just tell her how he feels. Not this time, this moment arrived too late for him. He should not think that way. He learned how to respect a friend and not to cross the line. He would support her in any way he can. Both of them hugged each other until Anna feels better and they decided to end the practice.

It’s been few months since he wrote something for his unsent letters. He never really thought of writing it anymore because he doesn’t have to. But after what happened earlier, he reached his drawing block again and write.

Dear Anna,

I’m sorry to hear about your fight with you boyfriend. As you were crying I feel the urge to do something. But I don’t know what. I don’t know how to comfort you. I can only hug you so you might feel safe and assured.

I know I haven’t been writing for so long. I’m sorry if you hate me for that. I have no excuse. After I saw you cry today. I believe that the feeling I have for you is clear. To me, you are someone that I care and love as a friend. I felt hurt when you cry and it’s because of your boyfriend. Feel like I want to beat that guy. Didn’t I tell you before that I am a friend at your wish? Just let me know next time. I’m ready to help you.

Your best friend?


After that moment, James doesn’t feel awkward anymore. He knows clearly that certain things can’t go as he wished. He knows it’s better to cherish the peace rather than ruin it apart. For James now, Anna is a friend that he care and love. James believes in it but he doesn’t know if Anna would feel the same as him.

After few weeks has passed, the day of the play has come. The stage has been prepared. James can’t help himself of being nervous and anxious. Many things and scenarios flashed inside his head. What if this and what if that.

“Stop worrying!” Said Danny who is wearing a knight’s armor. “You are Romeo for the day!”

“Yea right” James mumbles to himself. If this were a regular play of Romeo & Juliet he would be this worried. However, this adaptation has more elements. The two families were actually in good term and Romeo and Juliet were to be married. Until came a dragon to kidnap Juliet and it’s up to Romeo to save her. “Why I have a feeling that this play would be a disaster…”

“All actors ready? We gonna raise the curtain in five minutes!” Said one of the backstage crew.

For James, there are no turning back. Either he does his best or tries miserably. He looked at Anna and she is busy with some adjustment for her dress. She realized he was looking and she smiles. James smiles back and wishes her all the best. As everyone in their position the curtain raised and students of English Literature seniors will be performing their final assignment.

James was quite astonished on the audience. He heard that their previous lecturers were inviting their students. He was surprised that the hall that can allocate 300 people would be fully occupied. He believes someone did the marketing right and this is unexpected.

Scene by scene was performed. James missed out few lines but he was covered nicely by the others. He owes them big time. The reaction of the audience for funny scenes were quite nice too. They were laughing and enjoying them.

Now come the final scene. The scene where Romeo will show how deep is his love for saving her from the dragon.

“Oh, Juliet! Are you there?” As James acted as he is looking for her at the tower she was imprisoned.

“I am here Romeo!” Anna shouted from the top of the tower.

“I will save you!” As he rushed to the tower which is just a set that requires him to climb a ladder and meet her.

“I’ve been waiting,” Anna said in a happy tone.

“I’m sorry if I’m late. A giant lizard decided to fry me but he failed at cooking.” Some laughs heard from the audience.

“Juliet. There are things I always wanted to tell you.” Slowly he moves closely and holding her hands.

“What is it?” She said it while blushing and try to maintain eye contact.

“I always love you, Juliet. From the deep in my heart, I will always you. Not even time can stop me from loving you.” He stares her directly at her eyes. Holding her hands firmly. “Will you be my bride?”

“I do!” With her eyes reacting to his stare. She said it with soft and pleasant voice.

Both of Romeo and Juliet hugged each other tightly and ended the scene.

The crowds were cheering and whistling. The lights turned yellowish and slowly dim away. The curtain falls down. The play ended with unbelievable responses from the audience.

“How long would you hug me and holding me in your arms. Romeo?” Anna asked him as they are still in their position in their final scene.

“Sorry about that.” James released her and looked at somewhere else. “Thank you, Anna”

“You did well too, James. Thanks.” She smiled and walked away to the others.

James walked behind her to congratulate the others. It was fun and at the same time, the last scene is like a confession for him. He let a small laugh and that would be a great confession if it was a few months ago.

Around a few years ago he enrolled in this college. With not a good way to start his first day and first year. Having a nerd and unsociable roommate tortured his soul and never he hopes to see him again.

After the amazing play, he pulled out being Romeo. Life has been quite normal for everyone including James. Attending class, submitting projects and research paper too. Other than that, James also needs to deal with his internship program.

Despite all the busy life as a student, James is grateful that Sophie is with him. They would usually go out on a date together and study together. They bond closer and closer every time they spend time together.

James realized how important it is to move on and find someone that would appreciate you in life. Maybe Anna was not meant for him and things might now work out between them.

Few months after James completed his internship, he is now ready for his graduation. A day that he think miraculously happened despite all the challenges he faced through. Thanks to his crazy friends for supporting each other. It is a day of history to them.

They were sitting in the convention center and waiting patiently for their turn. Name called one by one as they walked to the front to receive their scrolls. James patiently sitting in a row together with his friends waiting for their turn.

“Are you sobbing, Danny?” Ron teased him.

“I am not!” Explained Danny.

“Thanks, you two, it was great meeting you,” James said it in the nicest way possible.

“James? Are you okay?” Asked Ron.

“Yeah man! You have a fever or something?”. Danny adding questions.

“Oh come on! Can’t you guys play along this time? Today is our historic moment!” Said James with a smile.

Now it is their turn. One by one their names called to receive their scrolls. James were called. He walks slowly to the stage and collect his scroll and completed the ceremony. He waited too long for this moment. He completed his bittersweet of college.

His classmates were waiting outside the convention center to take pictures together. Then he saw Anna. She looked back and smile. He walked towards her.

“So, finally right!” Said James with a laugh.

“Yeah! Finally!” Anna tagging along.

“So where are you heading next?” James asked.

“Not sure, but I might start working soon,” Anna explained.

“Oh, nice. Where?” James trying to get more information.

“Haha. You’ll know! My parents are here. I need to get back to them. Bye, James. See you later” Anna asking permission to return to her parents as she waved. James, on the other hand, meeting up with his parent and Sophie.

“Congratulations dear!” Said Sophie.

“Thanks, sweetheart!” James replied her and he hugged her tightly. “Your turn next!”

“You better be there silly!” Softly punched his arm and smiled.

Later on that day, James sat down in front of his desk. He looks at his unsent letters box. He opened and read some of it. He smiled and laughed as he reads his writing. Now he feels like a stupid person and what he did is also stupid.

“I can’t believe I wrote this many letters and poems.” He said to himself and amazed. “It’s something that only I know and she will never be able to read it. A secret that none should now.” He smiles and put the drawing block to one of his book racks.

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