My Unsent Love Letters

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Chapter 4

After his graduation, James accepted an offer to work in a publishing company as an assistant editor. It’s been a year since he graduated. After he completed his study, he managed to get this job and that is also because Sophie being pushy about it.

He remembered the time when he was interviewed for the position.

“So tell me about yourself.” asked Mr. Johnson the HR manager.

“My name is James and I am a graduate student of English Literature. I enjoyed reading classic but modern still manageable.” James being a bit nervous.

“What can you contribute to this company?” Mr. Johnson added.

James paused this time. The interview is like answering series of questions determining life and death. Worst is that there are no life answers in it.

“Possibly I would offer myself for the company to be an asset and grow together with the company by getting experiences. I will give my full effort to the company.” James trying all out on this one.

“Very well. Can you start next Monday? We would really like to have someone saving our editors right now.” said Mr. Johnson with a smile and James see it as a positive sign.

James walked out the interview room with a big smile on his face. Then he reached out his phone and called Sophie. She didn’t pick up. He received a text message soon after.

Dear, I’m in class. Call me back half an hour later okay! Sophie texted.

Aye! I’ll call you back! James replied.

Later he called Sophie again and told her the good news. They then decided to meet up and have dinner together. It’s not too hard for them to see each other. Even though James now living in a different city but with the train available. They can meet each other anytime. Sophie waited for him near the train station and they walked to the nearest park before having dinner.

They walked to one of the benches in the park and sit together. It was about 7:00 pm and it was a clear night with the starry sky.

“So, how does it go?” Sophie asked.

“Haha. I’m shaking!” James explained while shaking his hands.

“Oh, James! I’m proud of you!” Sophie holding his hands.

“I love you so much, dear.” James looked at her eyes. Winking his eyes and made Sophie blushed.

“Me too, James,” Sophie replied while putting both of her hands on James’ cheeks.

“I’m grateful for you being by my side. Wish you will support me for the rest of my life, Sophie.” While holding her hands.

“I feel the same, James. I want you, and you alone. Be with me when I need you. Or I’ll slap you until your tooth all gone!” with a serious face.

“I’ll be an old man then!” James with a laugh.

“And, I’m stuck with that old man then!” Sophie with a straight face while pinching his cheeks.

“Ouch! Dear, it hurts!” James begging to be released.

“Fine!” Sophie stopped pinching and rubbing it gently with a smile. “Promise me, dear. Don’t leave me.”

“I promise sweetheart!” James replied.

James can’t stop smiling as he reminiscing that moment. Sophie can be playful and childish but that what makes him love her. He knows that not everyone can show their childish sides to others especially when they can’t trust them. Sophie trusted him and he trusted her too.

He looked at the time and it was already 6:00 pm. He supposed to end his work thirty minutes earlier but his extra tasks were holding him back. Then he received a text.

Dear, can I call you tonight? A text from Sophie.

I’ll call you. At ten? James replied while wondering what happened.

Okay. Thanks. Love you. Sophie replied.

Later that night. James called her.

“Hi, lovely.” James greets her with the sweetest voice. He heard nothing except sobbing. “Dear, you okay?”

“Okay…” Sophie replied with slow and sobbing voice.

“That’s not even close to okay. What happened?” he asked.

“No… Nothing…” said Sophie.

“Dear… Tell me what happened? You wanted to talk to me right. Let me know.” James trying to persuade her telling what happened.

“Don’t worry dear. I’m okay.” Sophie trying to calm down.

“Umm… You want me to sing your favorite?” he asked.

“Please...” Sophie replied shortly.

James getting confused and having a blank state of mind. James could not help to blame himself. If only he can be there with Sophie right now.

It happened in their early days. Getting to know each other and somehow each time they having a phone call. Sophie would ask him to sing a song. It was a song from a Japanese drama titled One Litre of Tears. Sophie loves that drama and forced James to watch it. James became to love the drama too and memorized the lyric of the songs. Whenever Sophie asked him to sing a song. It would be the song from that drama.

So James started to sing trying as sweet as he can. Things rumbling inside his mind. He can’t stop wondering what actually happened. Why Sophie would not tell him anything. Why Sophie being silent when they supposed to share everything together. He doesn’t understand. After James completed his last line of the song. It was dead silence.

“Sophie?” James calling her slowly. He heard nothing. He believes that Sophie has fallen asleep. “Goodnight my darling. Sleep well and keep smiling as I am here. I love you, my sweet little butterfly.”

Whatever the thing Sophie wanted to tell him about the first place. He never knows. Maybe Sophie just needs someone to comfort her. James could not figure it out.

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