My Unsent Love Letters

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Chapter 5

It was a busy day for James. His load of work and endless tasks keep flowing to him throughout the day. Yet, not even once Sophie is away from his mind. He keeps thinking about her. They somehow have unwritten rules now when it comes to texting. They won’t text each other on daytime as they knew both of them would be busy.

Only a few exchanges of texts asking if one of them had lunch or how was their night. Nothing more.

When he reached home he would text her but his day has worn him out that James would just fall asleep whenever he reached home. He knows that this is unhealthy for their relationship. They haven’t even dated much compared to when he was in college.

Sophie is having her internship which makes things harder. Sometimes, she had to come home late and she can easily get irritated by little things due to her stress in her workplace.

I’ll do my work early today and I can leave early too. Let’s have dinner together! James sent the text to Sophie.

Okay. Usual place around at six? Sophie replied.

Got it dear! James replied quickly.

James will be leaving early today as his superior allowed him. As James completed most of his work, his superior decided to let him out early. He left the office and head towards the train station. It’s just a few minute walk.

Around 30 minutes later he arrived at the usual place they had dinner. A place that they always prefer when it comes to dinner. A family restaurant that looks humble but not their food.

“The food set their own standard, not the chef.” James talking to himself before entering the restaurant.

He looked around the restaurant scanning for Sophie. He found her as she was waving to him on the corner side of the restaurant. He quickly walked to him. As he reached her place, he kissed her forehead and sit in front of her.

“Are you okay?” James asked.

“I’m fine dear. Tonight, you gonna treat me food!” said Sophie cheerfully.

“Getting the usual dinner? You’ll be a balloon later!” teased James.

“You gonna date with a balloon then! Served you!” said Sophie with a chuckle.

“Fine balloon! I’ll date you.” He was laughing out loud after that.

“You sir, deserve this!” Sophie started to pinch his cheeks.

“Ouch! I give up. Please not this one.” begging for his cheeks to be spared.

They ordered their dinner and enjoying them. It’s rare for them to talk while they eat. They will just look at each other and smile. James sometimes teased her by staring the way she eats. Sophie would just ignore and look at the other side. Then she would break a small laugh kick his leg.

“Did something happened?” James asked her after both of them finished eating.

“It’s just ton of work. It’s tiring me” Sophie explained.

“What happened?” James asked.

“Well, it was my supervisor. She’s been annoying, as hell. Giving me last minute instructions and last minute works. It’s kinda stressing me out. You know what, today she went out for a seminar until the afternoon. She then informed me that I need to prepare some stuff in the afternoon. She can just tell me earlier!” Sophie spilled everything that happened and expressed her furious rage.

“What! That’s just messed up! She is just using and bullying you then!” James siding with her.

“I know right!” Sophie agreed with him.

“Do you plan to quit?” James asked.

“I can’t.” Sophie starts to sulk.

James stands up and sits beside Sophie. He reached his hand to Sophie’s shoulder and try to comfort her. She then leaned towards him.

“Whatever your decision is dear, I’ll be here supporting you.” James trying to convince her.

“Thanks, James.” Sophie hugged him as hard as she can as James comforting her.

After the dinner with Sophie last time, James feels a bit happier. He can feel the positive vibes surrounding him and trying to be productive at work. His Head of Department, Mr. Wallace can see the difference in him.

“You look pretty beaten up lately!” Mr. Wallace creeping James from his back.

“I’m being usual Mr. Wallace.” James with a startled voice.

“Yea right. You were sulking for the past few weeks and don’t you think I don’t realize it?” said Mr. Wallace. “And now you are smirking looking at the monitor like the monitor is your girlfriend! I’m worried that my staff here is having a mental breakdown of some sort. Wouldn’t want that to happen. You understand me?”

“I understand Mr. Wallace. You don’t have to worry about me. I’m good!” James trying to explain and convince his manager.

He then smiled and patted James’ shoulder and walked away. Mr. Wallace is a nice manager and James learned many things from him. James sees him as a mentor in this field.

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