My Unsent Love Letters

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Chapter 6

It was Friday evening and he received a text from Sophie.

Will you be free for the weekend?

Yes dear. Wanna date? My treat! James replied quickly.

I don’t wanna date! I wanna spend my weekend with you. A L O N E. Sophie replied trying to tease his boyfriend.

WHAT??? SURE COME OVER! WHEN? James being excited and surprised.

OH, YOU NAUGHTY BIRD! I’ll come over, by today. Wait for me! Sophie trying to jump in on James all caps text.

Will be waiting for you, ma’am! See you! James replied and quickly settling his tasks.

He needs to get home early as possible so he can clean up his room.

James has been living in a small apartment room alone. It’s just a few minute walk from the train station to his apartment. He managed to get it right after he was offered the job with Mr. Wallace. He considered himself super lucky on that one.

Since James reached his room, he has been busy tidying the messes. The room is quite comfortable to him. Even though it is small but the owner was really good with the arrangement and James having no complaint about it. Then he heard someone knocking the door. He looked at the clock and it is around eight.

He opened the door and Sophie is standing in front of him with her backpack. He then welcomed him and trying to carry her backpack. It was quite heavy. Sophie really serious on spending the weekend together he thought.

“I’m here!” Sophie expressed her relieved. “It’s quite far coming here using the train. Took me forty minutes something.”

“Aww... Come here you!” James opened his arms and hugged her.

“I miss you, James,” Sophie whispered while her head rests on his shoulder.

“Me too dear. Me too.” Said, James, while rubbing her back slowly.

James loosens up his hand and lets it rest on Sophie’s hip. He then stares her and slowly leaning his forehead to hers. James can hear Sophie’s breath as their nose getting closer to each other.

“I love you, dear. I love you so much.” James expressing his feeling to her in a soft-spoken and seducing way.

“I love you too James. I love you and will always love you!” Sophie raised her hand and slowly rubbed his cheek.

James kissed her forehead down to her nose and stare Sophie in the eyes.

“Where’s next?” He asked.

“Here.” Sophie pointing her finger to her lips.

James slowly kissed her lips passionately and let James lead her through the night.

James opened his eyes and saw Sophie standing right beside him closely to his face. He was startled at first and Sophie deliberately looking him closer and closer.

“Morning dear... You woke up early.” James greets her as he still feeling drowsy.

“Good morning!” While pinching his cheek so hard.

“Ouch! You gonna get this!” Grabbing her body and pulling her down to the bed.

“Stop it!” As she was falling and let out a little scream. “Quite a devil aren’t you!”

“This devil, ma’am. Is craving for the soul of a maiden.” James trying to intimidate her.

“A naughty devil that is. James, I’m hungry...” Said Sophie with a cute face.

“All right... Let’s try to make something then.” James with a quick peck on her cheek and her neck.

He then reached the fridge and took out the ingredients to make sandwiches. They had their sandwiches. Then having showers together. They spend their day by cuddling and watching movies together. Just as how James wanted. He can see how Sophie really enjoys the time they spend together. She is everything to him.

“James? What’s this?” She took out a box together with his books.

“Which one... Wait... that is my stuff.” James quickly rushed to her and tried to take the box.

“Nope! What’s in here? Your loot? Dirty stash? Let me guess... Nasty stuff?” Sophie trying to tease him more.

“Sophie not that one. Please!” James begging for the box.

“Why you suddenly being serious? I’m curious more than ever now!” Sophie slowly opens the box while keeping James away with her leg.

“Oh god no!” James forcefully avoiding her leg.

“James you pissing me off. Take this!” Sophie released a kick and landed on James’ stomach. James fell to her leg. “Now, let me open this.”

Sophie opened the box and she saw plenty of letters. She took one of them and read it.

Dear Anna,

My heart just aches whenever it’s Friday. It will be a long weekend for me. Two days is like twenty days and none of that I missed your name crossing my head.

I know I might sound like a freak and a stalker. Yet this is how I feel towards you. Every time you say goodbye to me in class. I know we will meet again tomorrow. However, if it’s Friday. Your goodbye and see you later will be a curse to me.

A curse that only you have the cure. The cure that only you hold. Cure of seeing your face and smile.

Your creepy stalker,


James looked at her face closely. Tears dripping from her eyes. Sophie dropped the box and rush to the door and run away. James trying to chase him but the kick earlier tumbled him and he fell down instantly.

“Shit!” James crawling to the door and the kick from Sophie was really strong. He then remembered that she has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. “Sophie!!”

The pain slowly dissipates after few minutes. He knows Sophie didn’t bring her phone or her bag with her. He tried to search around but he doesn’t even know where to start. He just walked aimlessly until he remembered that there is this one place that she might be.

There is this one park near his apartment. He rushed to the park and there he saw her. Sophie sat in one of the benches with a big tree behind her. James slowly walked to her and sit next to her.

“I’m sorry.” James apologizing with a slow regretful voice.

Sophie just silencing herself and stares the grass below her feet.

“Dear. The letter was old stuff.” He grabbed her hands and hold them tightly. “Sophie, please forgive me.”

Sophie turned to him and look him in the eyes.

“James, I want a break,” Sophie said with a sad voice.

“What! Why? If it’s my fault, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt you at all, Sophie!” James trying to grasp what is happening and constantly apologizing.

“No James. It’s not about you. There are things I didn’t tell you.” Sophie trying to explain. “I don’t have the feeling for you anymore.”

“What...” He was shocked by what she said. “Why? What did I do?”

“You did nothing James. You are a good guy. Too good for me.” She said with her voice slowly vanishing.

“Sophie... What are you talking about? We’ve been in this relationship for some time now. I really love you. But I don’t understand why so sudden?” James getting more confused.

“Can’t you tell James? I don’t love you anymore! I’m just using you! Don’t be such a fool!” She stands up and starts to shout at him. Tears started to fall from her eyes.

“Sophie. I don’t understand any of this. I honestly feel lost right now.” James stands up and holds her hands again. “Please dear.”

“No, James. We can’t work this out anymore.” With her crushed voice.

“Sophie! Is it because of the letters?” James asked.

“Please understand James! I can’t be together with you! It’s not about that stupid letters of yours! It’s about me! I can no longer be together with you! I’m going to Europe with my parents!” She explained in a frustrated tone.

“Then what’s the problem? You just moving out with your parents! I can go there whenever you want me to! See! No problem at all!” James trying to reason with her.

“No, James... No... No... No... I’m engaged to someone else...” Tears bursting from her eyes.

“What?! How? NO!” James can’t accept what he just heard.

Sophie cried on his chest. James hugged her and tears rushing down from his eyes. James confused and lost and he feels powerless that he can’t fight for his love. The love he holds so dear does not want to be held anymore. James feels crushed and he knew Sophie feel it too.

After they calmed down later, James brave himself to ask again. “Sophie. I need explanation.”

“My parent. They made up their mind.” Sophie began to open up.

“Didn’t they knew that you already in a relationship?” He remembered that she did mention to her parent that they were dating.

“They knew. They want me to break up with you.” Sophie explained and her tears drop again.

James slowly steps back. “I feel like this is too sudden to us. We were having a great time and suddenly this happened. I don’t even know how to respond to this.” Then he took a deep breath.

“Will you fight for me?” James asked while placing his hand on her shoulders.

“I can’t,” Sophie replied without looking at him.

“Is it really because of your parent? Or is it because of me?” James trying to clear up his mind.

“James.” She wiped her tears and look at him. “I’ve been thinking for a while now.”

James looked her in the eyes. He wished there is hope in his relationship.

“I can no longer be with you. It’s not only about my parent decision. Also...” She paused.

“Also?” James urging her to continue.

“Also... I can’t keep on hold it anymore. Our relationship looks good from the outside but not in the inside.” Sophie looks at him.

“What? What’s that supposed to mean?” James confused.

“The truth is deep inside me is dead. I can’t love you like I used to do. I feel dead inside! I tried to tell you before but... I couldn’t!” She grasped his shirt and looking frustrated.

James stared her emptily. What happened now is too much for him to handle. He can’t even understand and respond to his situation right now. His three years relationship is ending. His tear keeps running down and he just stands there.

“James. I’m sorry.” Sophie apologized.

James looked at her. He smiled. “I understand.” He lied to himself and to Sophie.

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