My Unsent Love Letters

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Chapter 7

Things have never been the same for James anymore. His life changed completely. He just can’t stop staring and spaced out. The breakout which he never expected to happen is now a reality he needs to face. He can’t stop recalling the memory from that evening.

He rarely sleeps and eats. He came to work as usual but his productivity dropped. When he reached home he just lay on his bed and stared the ceiling for hours. He can’t even remember when he fell asleep but he woke up early every day because of his alarm clock. James daily routine has turned grey and lifeless.

“What the hell happened to you?” Mr. Wallace asked him.

He spaced out and ignoring Mr. Wallace.

“Hello? James? James!!” He raised his voice to call James. James was startled because of Mr. Wallace suddenly in front of his face now.

“What’s wrong with you? You haven’t done anything right! I asked for the tasks on Monday and now it’s already Wednesday!” Mr. Wallace scolded him.

“I’m sorry Mr. Wallace. I’ll do it now.” James trying to make up for his mistake.

“No! Come to my room. I want to talk to you!” Mr. Wallace walks away and gets into his room.

James stands up from his seat and walks to Mr. Wallace room. He opened the door slowly and with a straight and lifeless face.

“Sit down!” Said Mr. Wallace sternly. “Tell me. Why are you acting like this? Did someone bullied you here?”

“No Mr. Wallace. Nothing like that.” James answered with a weak tone.

“Then what! I can’t afford to have an employee with this kind of attitude. It’s halting the work of others! You better have a good reason!” Mr. Wallace threatening James to tell him.

“No Mr. Wallace. It’s just... I recently broke up with my girlfriend...” Mumbling tone to himself.

“You had a breakup? Make sense now!” Said Mr. Wallace.

“Yea... I can’t focus myself...” James looking down. “I want to quit...”

“What? Just because of a breakup? Do you want to quit? You freaking kidding me?” Mr. Wallace with unbelievable face after what he heard from James explanation.

“Yes! I want to quit. I can’t even work properly. Nor I can even take care of myself right now. I feel lost.” James confessing what he feels.

“James. You are a good employee to this company and personally, you are a good lad.” Mr. Wallace clearing his throat. “I’ll request for you some day off. I’ll give you two weeks. If you feel like okay again. I’m welcoming you. If you can’t continue working you. It’s your choice. Two weeks!”

James woke up. He doesn’t have to go to work today. His two weeks off was approved by the HR manager. His eyes turn black and eye bags starting to appear. James not used to his new lifestyle. He received no texts from Sophie, not even calls. He has the urge to text her but what he don’t know what to talk about anymore.

Then his phone vibrated and quickly reached it. A phone call from Ron. He was quite disappointed that it was not from Sophie. He then answered the call.

“Yo James!” Ron greeted him with a high energetic voice.

“Hi, Ron.” He replied in a weak voice.

“You sound like a dying hag.” Ron laughed at him. “I’m coming to your apartment today. Oh, wait! I’m already here!”

Ron knocking the door so loud and repeatedly. James couldn’t even get himself up to open the door. Ron’s knocking has gotten so loud that he started to rush to the door and open it. The knocking was constantly rapid like a machine gun being fired.

“Please! Don’t knock like that!” As he opened the door.

“Whoa! Whoa! Chill dude! What happened to you! You look like a hag too!” Ron laughed as he walked and entered the apartment.

James walked back to his bed and ignoring Ron picking on him. He just then buried his face in the pillow.

“Dude! Come one!” Ron trying to persuade James for conversation.

James looked turned around and look at him. He then sits down on one of the dining chairs. He gave him sign to sit down. James looks at Ron and sigh.

“What?” Ron in confusion.

“I broke up with Sophie,” James confessed.

“Wow!” Ron spurred it with a shocking face.

“Ron! I don’t need you making that face. Doesn’t made me feel better at all!” James irritated by Ron.

“Chill dude... I was just shocked. So, what’s the reason?” Ron asked.

“Well... I don’t know. It happened too fast. She was here and we were happy. The next day everything just turned bad and gone.” He then drops his face on the table. “I don’t want to live anymore dammit!”

“James come on. You are not thinking straight. Dying is not an option to consider.” Ron trying to consult him.

James looked at him again. He stands up and walks to the window. He unlocked it and open the window wide open.

“My apartment is on the third floor.” James looked down. “Will I die?”

Ron panicked and rushed to James. Ron then grabs his hand. “James you stupid! What are you doing?”

“I’m not doing anything!” James releasing his hand from Ron’s grip.

Then he sits down by the window. “I don’t even know what I want to do now.”

“Crazy. You are getting crazy James.” Ron said.

“Then what should I do?! I lost the dearest person in my life! I love her! I want to be with her! She filled my heart all these years. Now she is gone! She left me! Tell me, Ron! What should I do?” James being emotional and raising his voice.

“You know what? You should get out. You can’t coop inside here.” Ron advising him.

James covered his face with his palm as he cries in front of Ron. He feels sad at the same time it’s assuring and comforting to have a friend like Ron. No matter how broken he feels right now, Ron understands the situation and keep on supporting him.

“You know, James. As a friend, I really wanted you to feel better. How about this. I’ve been doing this some activities, just to get your mind distracted, will you be joining me?” Ron asked him.

“What kind of activities? Have you been doing shady businesses?” While wiping his tears and rubbing his eyes.

“No dumbass! Come with me tomorrow night and you will understand. I’ll send you the details.”

“Okay... I doubt it will help me.” Said James.

“We’ll see,” Replied Ron shortly after that.

The weeks flew passed James instantly. His two weeks leave reached its end. James needs to decide what he going to do next. He doubted himself. The feeling for Sophie still lingering inside him and it dragged him down. He needs to give Mr. Wallace some solid confirmation.

He needs to get back in shape and be able to work. James can’t do it. The memories keep triggering inside his head and made him worst. James braces himself despite his down and frowning face clearly shown. He walked to Mr. Wallace room and knocked the door.

“Come in.” Mr. Wallace instructed.

“Hi, Mr. Wallace.” James greeted him.

“How are you? Feeling better?” He asked.

“A little bit. I want to inform you of my decision.” James stating the reason why he wanted to meet him.

“Okay. Sit then. So, what’s your decision?” Mr. Wallace leans forward after James sat on the chair in front of his desk.

“I want to quit.” James opened his mouth on his decision.

“Are you sure James?” Mr. Wallace quite surprised on his decision. “You have some potential in here.”

“I’m sure Mr. Wallace. If I stay here in my current condition. I’m just dragging the operation down. I have a good two weeks to think about this. So, I want to quit.” James

“That’s your final decision?” Mr. Wallace asking for confirmation.

“Yes, Mr. Wallace.” James decided that he would just quit.

“James. I hope you’ll be fine soon. So, do you have any plan?” He asked if James has any backup plan for his life.

“I do. I’m planning to continue joining my friends with his charity activities. I’ve been joining him for the past weeks.” James answered.

“Good then. All the best!” Mr. Wallace encourages him as James thanks him and left his room.

James returns to his cubicle and packed his belonging. He worked for more than a year and now he is willing to leave. After he completed packing his stuff, he then says goodbye to his colleague. Today is his last day and he believes that this is the right choice for him.

If this decision was made before he joined Ron with his charity project. He would not know what to do. The result of a break up could really mess his life more. After joining Ron for few times he feels better. To be able to help other people somehow make him happy.

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