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Unforgotten love

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Drama, regret, and unexpected love.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1 - Recurring dreams

Makayla's pov-

It was raining hard outside. I loved falling asleep and listening to the rain as it fell off the roof of the cabin, I wish I could say I slept good that night but I didn't.

I kept having the same dream I've had since as long as I can remember. I'm walking through the woods the tall trees surrounds me, it's dark and I can't see anything, there's no moon light, nothing, just darkness. Through the darkness, I see something or no, someone. Someone tall, I don't who but right before I get close enough to see who, the sound of loud thunder wakes me up.

That was the closest I've ever been to him, there's something about him, something good?... I'm not scared of him, in fact, quite the opposite. I want to be near him, touch him, kiss him but sadly it's just a dream nothing more. Time to come back to reality.

I rolled over to look at the clock on my nightstand, it was 5:45 I decided to get up out of bed and get a extra 15 minutes on my chores before the rest of my family wakes up.

I got up, pulled on my shorts and bra then headed downstairs to get the dishes done from last night. Right as I placed the last dish in the dish washer, my older brother Jason walks down the stairs,

''Mornin Kayla'' he grumbled as he walked over to the table with his breakfast.

''Morning Jase'', I replied as I walked out into the laundry room.

My brother and I weren't really close but we were there for each other if one of us need a shoulder to cry on or just needed to vent and we loved each other as we should

. I finished my chores and checked the clock, it was getting close to 8:30. So I decided I was going to be nice and make my parents breakfast in bed. I grabbed the eggs, sausage, bacon, and bread whipped it all up into a little breakfast for them. Poured them each a glass of orange juice and neatly set it all on their trays and headed up to their room.

I opened the door quietly, sat their trays down then gently woke them up ''Mom, Dad. I made ya'll breakfast, time to get up.''

Mom sat up "Oh, thank you Kayla.'' She looked over at my Dad "Rodger, time to get up sleepy head, Kayla made breakfast." But he didn't move, I walked over to him.

"Dad" I shook him but he just laid there. Mom tried shaking him but he wasn't waking up. Mom reached over and checked his pulse, the look of horror on her face I'll never forget. She started screaming, a river of tears rolling down her face.

Jason came running up the stairs in a frantic. ''What's wrong, what's happening?'' I just turned around threw myself into his chest and cried. We all just sat there and cried until Jason pulled us out of there and took care of him.

I didn't know how Mom was going to cope now that Dad was gone. She blamed herself, but it wasn't her fault. His heart just gave out. No one knew that we'd spent our last night with him.

The funeral was a week later, we're all still adjusting to Dad being gone. We miss him so much, things are never going to be the same.

Mom would never be the same.

She hasn't left her room or eaten anything since. Jason and I are really getting worried, we did the only thing we could think of and called our Grandma and she's on her way out here.

Grandma Lee always hated us and our father but she was the only person who could get Mom to see sense. Little did we know, we were making the biggest mistake of our lives.

Grandma arrived the next day, Jason went to go pick her up from the airport 4 hours away. Grandma hates coming out to our cabin. It's in the middle of the woods and she's always been a city person. Me personality, I prefer the country I don't like being around a lot of people and out here, it was just us.

Jason wasn't happy about having to go get Grandma from the airport and definitely not happy about being stuck in the car with her for 4 hours. She wasn't exactly a nice person and by that I mean she would always state her opinion wherever and whenever she pleased. But we need her so we'll just have to endure through it.

They walked in while I was finishing dinner and of course the first thing she says is, "Ahh, Kayla you've gained more weight since the last time I've seen you." Ugh, this women!

Jason was looking at me with a straight face basically telling me not to say something dumb with a mixture of see what I've dealt with.

So, I did the responsible thing and nicely responded with "Grandma! Have you developed a few more wrinkles?" Let's just say she wasn't very happy and went upstairs to check on Mom.

Jason immediately turned to me "Really Kayla, you couldn't just be nice?" This made my anger rise to a new level.

"Of course Jason, it's all my fault. I'm sick of her, we shouldn't of called her. We could of dealt with Mom on our own. I'm tired of that grumpy old witch, she hates us for no reason and I'm done with it."

He seemed to calm down some lowered his voice "I know Kayla, but we need her help. We did the right thing. Just try to be somewhat nice please, as soon as Mom is better she'll be gone and we can try to be a normal family again."

Why does he have to always see reason, ugh. " Okay Jason, I'll try my best."

He walks over and gives me a hug "Thank you Kayla" I heard him whisper.

I pulled back " Okay, no more sappy stuff. Help me set the table so we can eat."

He kindly does as I ask and Grandma comes down the stairs with Mom behind her. Wow, Mom looks better. Like did her husband even die? I don't understand what happened to her.

I let it slide and we all sit down and Mom looks over at me " This is amazing Kayla, thank you sweetheart."

I looked over at Jason and we exchanged worry glances but we all finished dinner casually like nothing has happened, like Dad isn't dead. This was only the beginning of it all. This is where it all starts and not for the better or maybe it would be.... but at a cost.


Hi everyone, El here! Thank you to anyone reading my book. This is my first attempt at writing please give me your opinions (Good or bad) so I can work on making it better! I'll try to update as much as I can. Thanks again :)

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