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chapter thirteen

I sat at my usual table in the library, alone and quiet ever since our project had ended. It was different but peaceful. I sat there doing nothing, just staring at the window. The time seemed to go by a lot slower without someone here to argue or talk with. I waited for about twenty more minutes until deciding to head over to the weight room.

When I was all changed, I entered the room to see all the boys talking like normal, except for Connor. He stopped when he saw me walk in.

“What’s she doing here?”

Elijah smiled and waved at me, “I told her she could still come by, so chill with the attitude.”

I walked over next to Elijah and greeted the rest of the boys. Elijah put his hand on my back, “The soccer balls are in the equipment closet, do you want to go grab them?” I shrugged, not really caring if he wanted me to do all the heavy lifting.

I wandered over into the closet, not knowing where I was supposed to be looking. Then from the other half of the room, I heard Elijah talk, “Grow a pair of balls and help her find them.”

I walked further into the closet, searching in all the bins when Connor appeared next to me. “They’re over here by the way.”

I nodded, going to grab some. Connor and I both had our arms full of soccer balls and were about to head back to the others when the doors slammed shut. We both dropped the balls, hitting the doors with our fists.

“Elijah, open the doors.”

“Not until you two cut the crap. We just got a girl in this club, we can’t lose her because you’re going to be a bitch to her. Man up and talk it out.”

I started hitting the door repeatedly with my shoulder, trying my hardest to open it. I knew it was pointless but I kept doing it until Connor stopped me.

“Elijah, I swear to god, I’m going to kill you.”

We heard laughs from the boys, “We’ll be back in ten minutes or so with the key, if I still hear arguing from you two, you’ll be stuck here overnight.”

A minute passed by and the boys had left. Connor leaned against the door with his head leaned back. I chose to sit on one of the boxes. It was dead silent for the first few minutes. Connor sighed, then violently hit the door, scaring the living daylights out of me.

“We don’t have much time if they were serious about the ten minutes thing, so I guess we should start talking.”

I shrugged, “Chances are, if I say one thing, we’ll end up arguing.”

He shrugged as well, “Then I guess we just argue it out.”

I rubbed my face with my hand, “Fine, then let’s start with why the hell would you do that in English?”

He let out a sarcastic laugh, “Do what, prove my point?”

I rolled my eyes, “No, I mean ruin our grades just so you can let everyone hear what you think about me after that stupid conversation. Why? What did you gain from it?”

He pushed himself off the wall, “It doesn’t matter what I gained, what did you gain from leading me on?”

“I never led you on, I don’t know what you’re talking about! I just did what I could to be your friend!”

He took a step closer, “You were a tease, the whole week. You got jealous when I asked Ellie out, and you were okay being close to me, and you even held my hand that one day. I figured you were up for trying out an actual relationship.”

I shook my head, “That doesn’t mean anything. And that doesn’t make me a bad person even if I was a tease, it’s nothing like what you do.”

He was becoming madder as the conversation went on, “Like what I do? What I do isn’t that bad, Elizabeth. I give girls what they want, and they know exactly what happens afterwards. They all did, but yet they still wanted to sleep with me. I gave them what they wanted, and I had clear intentions with all of them. Ellie was the only one that I was going to try something different with and she kind of blew that up as well. All along, I really just wanted to be with you.”

“If you wanted to be with me, you could’ve done something better than be a fuckboy.”

He was close enough that he was able to slam his hand down on the box next to me, giving me a small heart attack. “Will you stop calling me that fucking word, I’m not a fuckboy! I already said I had no idea how to ask you out. I thought you were too good for me, but then we started hanging out and I realized you’re perfect and I needed to change for you.”

I sighed, staring intently at his face. “Well, why didn’t you just tell me that before all of this went down?”

Connor was now standing directly in front of me, “I didn’t think it’d make a difference. You said you didn’t trust me earlier, why would you trust what I’m saying now?”

We were both out of breath from almost screaming at each other for roughly 5 minutes straight. We were now at a whisper with each other. “It’s hard to trust what most people in this school say, not just you, okay? I don’t trust a lot of people, you shouldn’t take offense to that.”

Connor was silent, just staring for a minute. I decided to speak up since I was feeling awkward.

“Can we just go back to being friends again? Maybe somewhere down the road, we could try something more. But for now, I just need a friend.” He nodded his head, smiling slightly.


Connor closed the space between us, standing in between my legs and wrapping his arms tightly around my shoulders. I buried my face in his chest, bringing my arms around his waist. He put his face in the crook of my neck, mumbling into it.

“You don’t understand how tempted I was to kiss you just then.”

I found myself smiling against his shirt, feeling his lips move as he spoke.

“Ah screw it.”

Connor quickly moved his hands to my lower back, bringing his face away from my neck and quickly connecting his lips to mine. I was taken back a bit, but soon realized what was happening. I didn’t pull away though, I didn’t want to. My hands slowly moved from his back to the sides of his waist, up his chest slowly until they were around his neck, pulling his face even closer to mine.

His hands found their way to my hips, where his fingers ended up going under my shirt, but not very high. I respected that. He pulled me closer, and naturally my legs wrapped around his waist. Our chests were touching and our lips were moving in sync with each other’s. He moved his face back slightly, resting his forehead against mine. We both let out small breathless chuckles.

“I’m sorry Elizabeth, I know you just want to be friends. I just can’t help myself when I’m around you.”

I felt my cheeks heat up, “So I’m realizing.” He rubbed his thumbs in circles against my bare skin, and I moved my hands down so they were resting on his forearms.

“If you don’t want this to mean anything, we can ignore it and just go back to how we started last week. I’ll be fine.”

We both looked to the door as it suddenly opened, “I doubt that you two will be able to ignore what just happened in here.”

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