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chapter fourteen

Connor turned around so that his back was in front of me, but he stayed standing in between my legs. “I’m not saying I want to ignore it Elijah, but if that’s what she wants to do, I won’t stop her.”

Elijah groaned, throwing his head back in annoyance, “Will you two just face the facts that you would make an awesome power couple? Seriously.”

Connor leaned back, looking at me, “He’s right about that, we’d be one heck of a couple.” I shrugged, placing my arms over his shoulders.

“I don’t doubt that, but I’m not sure if I want to be in a relationship right now.”

Elijah muttered under his breath, “Oh my god, Elizabeth.”

Connor and I laughed slightly. Connor patted my leg gently, “How about this, we go on one real date. If you enjoy it, we can go on another and see how everything goes while actually dating. If you don’t, we’ll go back to friends. Maybe with benefits.”

I slapped the back of his head, resulting in a loud ‘ow’. “You were doing so well.”

Elijah leaned against the door frame, smiling at us both. “What do you say, Elizabeth?”

I rolled my eyes, “Did y’all plan this or something? I’ll go out with you, but only one date for now. It better be good.”

Connor and Elijah did one of their high five things, and then Elijah went to tell the others. There was no doubt in my mind that this would be the new gossip of the school tomorrow.

Connor turned in place, “You won’t be disappointed in our date.”

I smiled at him, “You’re already planning it?”

He nodded his head triumphantly, leaning in slightly. I placed a finger on his lips, “Don’t expect any more until possibly after the date.”

He pouted his lips, “Want to go out on a date with me tonight?”

I shrugged, “I guess. It’s not like I have anything better to do.” He gave me a sarcastic, quick laugh.

“How’s after soccer practice?”

I made a face, “I’d like to change after practice though.”

He smiled, “You won’t need to change for our date.”


After our soccer practices were over, I walked down from the field to the parking lot. Connor had left me thinking about what possible date we could be having which didn’t need me to change. It bothered me all practice, but I made it through. I noticed Connor waiting by his car, still sweating a bit from practice. He gave me a small head nod when he noticed me. I walked to my car, placing my stuff in the trunk, then walked over to him.

“What’s the plan, Stan?”

He laughed at me, “Grab your soccer ball, we’re heading back to the field.”

I gave him a confused look, “What?”

He slid his phone into his pocket, “Let’s go.”

Connor and I played different soccer games, and also had a trick contest which I would’ve won if he wasn’t a cheater. It was starting to get dark and my stomach was starting to rumble.

“Can we get something to eat, Connor?” He gave me the ‘one minute’ hand signal before running off the field, then returning with a blanket and pizza.

“Where the hell did you get a pizza?”

He started setting out the blanket. “I ordered it before my practice.”

I nodded, “And the blanket?”

We both sat down, “I always have it in my car just in case I break down and get cold.” We started eating the pizza and talking about the most pointless things. It was enjoyable, not going to lie.

When we finished eating, we laid down side by side. “So, how was this for a first date?”

I looked over at him, “It’s over already?”

He laughed to himself, “I know, it’s weird for me too not doing anything sexual.”

I placed my arm behind my head, “Anyways, it was perfect for a first date. Can’t wait to see what you have planned for the next one.”

Connor propped himself up on his elbows, “You’re serious?”

I shrugged, copying his movements. “Yeah.”

He hopped up onto his feet, bringing a hand down for me to take. “Thank god, I was starting to worry for a bit.” He helped me up and started folding the blanket. “Come on, Elizabeth, I should get you home.”

He kept my hand in his, “But Connor, what about my car?”

He shrugged, swinging his arm slightly, “It’ll be fine here overnight, and I can pick you up in the morning.”

I sighed, shrugging, “If you say so, just let me grab my bag.”

I placed my bags in his back seat, then jumped into the passenger seat. We started driving in silence for a while.

“You know what’s hot, the school’s player drives a minivan.”

Connor glared at me, “Since you keep referring to me in those terms, I’m going to keep acting as if I’m that player. So you know what else is hot about this minivan? The things I’m able to do in the back of it.” He gave me a quick wink while subtly biting his lip.

I pushed his shoulder gently. “You’re ridiculous, but I can see how that would turn on a girl.”

Connor pulled over the car on the side of the road and turned it off. “Are you saying you’re turned on right now?”

I let out a loud laugh, “I was just speaking figuratively. Why’d you stop the car?”

Connor took off his seatbelt. “So I could do this.”

He leaned over the middle of the seats, one hand on my door handle, the other on the back of his seat. He leaned his face in and immediately connected our lips, starting slowly. He gently bit my bottom lip and added his tongue into the mix.

He backed up a bit to breathily whisper, “Want to try out the back of the van?”

I nodded, “Yeah, kind of.”

He backed into his seat, allowing me to go back first, then following after and throwing his body onto mine. He wrapped one arm around my waist, then bringing his other hand to the back of my neck. I let out a small moan, feeling Connor smirk against my lips. He gradually started to grind his lower body against mine, and his hands were starting to find their way up my shirt. I gripped onto to the lower part of his shirt, pulling him down harder against me. Connor already had been lifting my shirt up so now he went to take it completely off, and I allowed him. His lips found their way to my neck, where he started to lightly suck on. I moved my head back, giving him more access as he started to bite gently in the same spot. When he was done leaving his mark, he moved back to my lips, but allowing himself to take his shirt off first. The whole time I could tell how his breathing was increasing.

I pulled my head back just long enough to let out a few words, “Connor, we should slow it down.” He moaned in response, his hands wandering down to the waist band of my shorts. His fingers hooked the band and he started to tug at it teasingly.

“Connor, stop.”

I placed my hands over his, trying to push them away, but he still continued to kiss down my neck.

“Stop it, Connor. Stop, stop, stop.”

He stopped what he was doing, resting his head in the crook of my neck. He brought his hands up to the sides of my stomach. Connor sighed deeply, then kissed my lips one last time but with more passion than the first time.

“You know, part of me wishes you hadn’t said stop, but then again, I want this type of thing to be special for you and not in the back of my car.”

I started to mindlessly play with the ends of his hair, “Thank you, Connor.”

He smiled, moving to over to kiss my cheek. “Anytime, babe. Let’s get you home now, alright?”

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