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chapter fifteen

The next day at school, everything went back to how it was the week before. Connor and I weren’t arguing with each other as much, and Ellie even spoke to me in homeroom. Sure, she only spoke to me to tell me how stupid I was, but it was a start. The only thing different was that everybody was talking about Connor and I, about how we had a date last night. It was weird having most of your high school know your personal business, but that’s just the small price to pay I guess.

When I got to lunch, I awkwardly went over to my usual table where Ellie decided to sit at today. I set my tray down, and almost immediately she started going off.

“How stupid can a person be? Why the hell did you go out with him last night, you’re supposed to be the smart one.”

I sighed while sitting, “Go on, let it all out.”

“I mean, come on Elizabeth. You deserve so much better than that, someone who won’t hurt your feelings after a week. I agreed to go out with him because I saw the opportunity to get back at him, not to let him move onto my best friend. He’s going to break your heart, and I don’t want to see that.”

Connor sat beside me, leaning his shoulder into mine playfully. “It’s great to know you care about her that much, but I’m not going to break her heart.”

Ellie glared at him, stabbing her vegetables. “You better hope not, or I’ll break your balls, Owens.” I rolled my eyes, giving Connor a quick smile before eating my food.

“Now, I want the truth. Did you two already sleep together?” Connor and I both shook our heads calmly, continuing to eat our food.

Ellie squinted her eyes, “Seriously? I swear to god Elizabeth, if you’re lying to me, I will murder you in your sleep tonight.”

Connor laughed out loud, “You’re very violent today, and she’s not lying to you. She stopped us before we could go very far, which I’m glad she did. We’re going to take it slow.”

Ellie snorted, “Like that’s possible for you.”

Connor frowned, “Do you know how rude you are?”

Ellie smirked, her voice laced with sarcasm, “You know how much I hate you?”

Connor sighed, standing up with his tray. “I’ll see you later, Elizabeth.”

As he was walking around the end of the table we were sitting at, Ellie decided it’d be funny to catapult some of her food at him. He gave her no attention, but just kept walking.

I looked at her, my face full of disbelief. “You’re fucking kidding me, right?”

Ellie gave a small shrug, eating her food as innocently as possible. I groaned, taking care of my tray and following Connor. I saw him walking towards the boys bathroom, so I yelled out his name to get his attention.

He turned around, smiling a bit as he saw me. “Hey, I’m sorry about her.”

He waved it off, “I figured it’d happen soon enough. It’s all good, you shouldn’t have to apologize for her childish behavior.”

I shrugged, “Well, are you okay?”

He nodded his head, letting out a small chuckle, “Besides some ranch dressing on my shirt, I’m going to live.”

I gently took his hand in mine, intertwining our fingers, “Let me help you with that.”

I led him into the bathroom, grabbing some paper towels and wetting them. “You’re not supposed to be in here, Elizabeth.”

I shrugged, dabbing at his shirt, “It’s not like I’ve never been in a guy’s bathroom before. Plus, I feel like this is kind of my fault.” Connor’s hand covered mine, pulling it away from his shirt. He took the paper towel away from me,

“I can get it myself, you can sit down.” I sat on the counter, watching as he cleaned off his shirt the rest of the way. I laughed as he posed for me, “How’s it look?”

I nodded, “Better, but you might want to just wash the shirt when you get home.”

He shrugged, stepping in between my legs. “I figured. So, what time is your practice today?”

“We actually don’t have practice today, something about the coach’s daughter’s birthday or something.”

He placed a hand on both sides of me, “Oh, but don’t you have a game this Friday?”

I nodded, “And you have a game on Thursday.”

He gently caressed my thighs, “Yeah, do you think you’re coming to my game?”

I smiled, “Of course, unless you don’t want me to.”

He shook his head, “No, I want you to come. I actually was wondering if maybe you wanted to wear my other jersey that night?”

“I’d love to. I’d say you could wear mine too but I don’t think that’ll be comfortable for you.”

He laughed to himself, “We’ll see how everything plays out, you never know.”

I started to play with Connor’s hands, “Oh and if you’re not doing anything after your practice today, you could come over for a while. My parents will be there, but they won’t really care.”

He leaned forward, planting a soft kiss against my forehead, “I’ll be there.”


Around 5:30 that night, there was a loud knock at the door. I was sitting on the couch, comfortable and not caring enough to answer, but instead called my mom and told her to get the door. About 2 minutes later, Connor appeared in my living room.

“Your mom talks a lot, like way more than a mom should.”

I nodded my head as Connor stood beside the couch, “She started drinking a few hours ago. You should see her around 8, it gets so much worse.” He nodded his head awkwardly swaying back and forth on his heels.

I stood up, taking his hand in mine, dragging him towards the back of the house where my room was. “You can put your bags in here if you want. Feel free to make yourself at home.”

He smiled, shrugging off his book bag. “I know, this is just weird for me. I don’t normally just hang out at girls’ houses.”

I jumped onto the end of my bed, “It’s no different than when you’re hanging out at your friend’s house, except we kiss sometimes.”

We both laughed awkwardly, “Want to watch a movie?” He shrugged, following me back out to the living room.

I decided I’d choose the movie, picking anything with Will Ferrell in it and putting it in the tv. We both situated ourselves onto the couch, with some space in between us at first. He coughed a few times, so I offered to get some drinks and popcorn. I quickly got up and went into the kitchen. I returned with a fresh bowl of popcorn and two sodas.

I set them all down on the coffee table and went to sit in the same spot as before, but Connor grabbed my waist and pulled me onto his lap. I smiled, leaning on his chest as he tapped his fingers on my thigh.

During the movie, my mother walked in about 7 times, commenting on how I finally had a boy come over. Most of the comments turned out to be very negative ones, both Connor and I knew it, but we ignored it. Eventually two of my parents’ friends walked into the house, meeting them in the kitchen.

Connor rubbed my back lightly, “Who are they?” I shrugged, not turning my attention away from the tv, “Some of my parents’ friends. They’ll help my dad keep her occupied for another hour or so before she comes out here offering us condoms too.” Connor touched his lips gently to my shoulder, leaving them there for a moment.

Since my facial expression wasn’t changing, he repeatedly left small kisses all around my shoulder until I cracked a small smile. He sat up more on the couch, adjusting me on his lap.

“Let’s go into your room, get away from the helicopter crowd.” I shrugged, getting up and heading towards my room, Connor following behind me. Connor shut the door behind him as soon as he entered.

“What should we do now?”

He shrugged, walking closer to me. “Want to do some homework?”

I smiled up at him, “I finished mine already, but sure. I’ll help you if you if you need it.”

He gave me a sarcastic laugh, “Yeah, yeah. Let me get my stuff.”

I sat down in the middle of my floor, making Connor roll his eyes. “Can you lock the door before you sit down, please?”

He was hesitant but nodded, going over to lock the door before joining me on the floor. We started with Connor’s math homework, but we couldn’t focus that well with the three drunk amigos laughing super loudly at most likely nothing. Connor pushed his book away to the side, sighing while rubbing his eyes.

“I can’t focus.”

I smiled while leaning back on my hands, “I know how you feel.”

Connor smirked, “I get how you had so much patience dealing with me all those years.”

I shrugged, “It wasn’t too hard, I kind of liked you.”

He started crawling to me, “So, you won’t mind if I do this.”

He crawled so that his body was on top of mine, and he was supporting himself mainly on his arms which were on either side of my torso. Connor dipped his head down so that he could touch his lips against mine, giving me a slow yet gentle kiss. I brought my head down so that I was lying completely on the floor. I had my hands gripping lightly onto the sides of Connor’s shirt, pulling him down a little until he gave in and put the majority of his weight down. He continued to kiss a bit harder until we both needed to breath. He brought his lips to my jawline, leaving kisses all down my neck.

“This would be a heck of a lot comfier on your bed by the way.”

I softly laughed, pushing him up a bit, “Then let’s get on the bed.”

He got up, jumping onto the bed so that he rolled over to the far side. I crawled on as well, straddling him in the process. He rested his hands on my hips, gripping them tightly at times. We continued to kiss, with Connor occasionally moving my hips around on top of him. He let out a deep moan, wrapping his arms fully around my waist and flipping us completely so that he was on top of me. My legs were wrapped around him and he continued to grind his hips.

There was something heavy in my chest, telling me to stop this from going any further, but I just couldn’t stop it myself. It felt too good, and my heart wanted this. One of his hands found their way up my shirt. My hands slowly went up his back to his hair, playing with the ends and lightly tugging every once in a while. Connor broke away from my lips quick enough to whip off his shirt and throw it to his bags. One of his hands were fumbling with the button of the shorts I was wearing. I knew where this was going but I just couldn’t stop. I didn’t want to.

I was just about to help him with my shorts, but then there was the sound of shattering glass. Connor sat straight up, both of our hearts beating way too fast from what was just going on and being scared from the noise.

He looked down to me, breathing heavily, “What the hell was that?”

I rubbed my face quickly, “My mom.”

He nuzzled his face into the crook of my neck, “I guess I should leave now?”

I shrugged, playing with my sheets. “It probably wouldn’t be the worst idea.” He stood up and walked over to his bags, grabbing his shirt and re-dressing himself.

“Well, it was a pleasure as always. I’ll see you tomorrow in school, okay?” I nodded my head in response, smiling up at Connor. He quickly kissed my forehead before heading out the door.

I continued to lay in my bed, smiling up at the ceiling re-running what had just occurred in my head.

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