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chapter sixteen

The following day at school, it was slightly more normal to have more people talking and staring at Connor and I as we walked through the halls. Certainly, I wasn’t totally okay with it, but Connor just squeezed my hand lightly. He was going to have to help me not attack people who were making snide comments under their breath, thinking I’m not paying attention.

When we got to English that morning, we were both put to the test to see how we could handle our jealousy. It’s true what they say, you want what you can’t have.

Mr. Porter sat on his desk as all the students found their usual seats. He only stopped Connor and I, causing confusion for everyone.

“After the dramatic incident last week, we’re going to change up some seats. Nothing against you students, just saving some of us from a headache. Connor, you’re now sitting next to Jenna. Elizabeth, you’re sitting next to Luke.”

Connor glanced at me before we went to sit in our new assigned seats.

As the class began, the last few groups finished giving their presentations and we were given our first reading assignment. I occasionally looked across the room to see Jenna try to flirt with Connor. A part of me was worried, but that feeling quickly shut down as Connor continued to ignore her. Luke was clearly thinking the same way because he started to ask stupid questions, such as why I would choose to be with Connor when I could clearly get any other guy. He also asked if I wanted to go out this weekend, but that clearly got shut down. I rolled my eyes and faced the front of the room.

The class was almost over and I felt like I had nothing to worry about until I noticed Jenna touching Connor’s arm out of the corner of my eye.

Fucking whore.

I gripped my pencil, moving my attention fully to them. Connor didn’t push her off, but instead laughed to himself in response to whatever she said.

I sighed to myself as Luke leaned over to me, “It hurts watching other girls talk with your man, doesn’t it?” I quickly looked back to Luke before returning my attention to Connor.

“It’s not like he’s doing anything wrong. He didn’t choose to sit there.”

Luke laughed lightly to himself, “That’s what everyone thinks, but in reality, he could be talking about his sexual fantasies with this girl which he’s already been with. Keep that in mind, he’s already seen the majority of the girls in our grade naked. Except for you, right?”

Just as the bell rang, I turned back to Luke while packing my books.

“What the hell is wrong with you?”

I was at my locker when Connor showed up leaning onto the locker besides mine.

“Hey, you ran out of English today, I didn’t even see you.” I nodded my head slightly, switching my books.

Connor sighed, “What’s wrong, what did I do?”

I glanced up at him, “Why would you think anything is wrong?”

He chuckled lightly to himself, “Well, for one, you’re not talking to me like you usually do. I may be new to the relationship scene, but I know how girls are. You’re bothered by something I did.” I shook my head, staring into the back of my locker. Connor sighed out loud, “Alright, I’m not going to fight with you over this, so when you decide you want to talk about it, you know where I’ll be for the rest of the day. I’ll see you later.” He quickly kissed the side of my forehead before heading off to his next class.

I watched him as he walked away with his hands tucked into his pockets. I closed my locker just to be scared by Ellie standing on the other side of the door.

“Trouble in paradise, huh?”

I rolled my eyes, “What do you want now?”

Ellie started walking beside me to our next class. “I’m just checking up on you. I miss you.”

I smiled a bit, “I’m okay. I think I’m overreacting right now.”

“Explain it all to mama.”

After explaining the story to Ellie, she agreed that I was overreacting. “It seems like that Luke kid just wanted to get a reaction out of you, and he got one. Go apologize to Connor later, he should understand why this was all a misunderstanding.”

I nodded my head, “Thanks, Ellie. I missed you too, by the way.”

She smiled triumphantly, hugging her books to her chest, “Oh, I know. I’ll see you at lunch.”

I walked the opposite direction to where Connor’s next class was. I had some free time before my next class so I figured I’d go apologize now. I stood outside of the door to the physics lab, and texted Connor to meet me in the hall. I wandered down the hall, watching for Connor to leave the classroom. I motioned him over to where I was in the hall once he noticed me.

“What’s going on? Shouldn’t you be in class? Did something happen?” He started asking multiple questions with a worried expression on his face.

I smiled, shaking my head, “No, I just wanted to apologize for earlier.”

He made a small ‘o’ with his mouth, “Are you sure I shouldn’t be apologizing? It seemed like I did something wrong.”

He was honestly a great guy.

“No, I was overreacting. I guess I’m still learning about the whole trust aspect of a relationship.” He gently pulled me to his chest, engulfing me in his arms.

“Trust me when I say this, Elizabeth. I would never do anything to hurt you, in any way, not unless we were messing with each other like we do sometimes. But I definitely would not cheat on you.”

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