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chapter seventeen

I met up with Ellie at lunch, poking around at my salad while staring at the door. I figured Connor would be here by now, but I still have yet to see him. Ellie snapped her fingers in front of my face, returning my attention back to her.

“Hello? Earth to Elizabeth? Stop gawking at the door and socialize with me.”

I faced her again, “Sorry, it’s just that Connor should be here by now. He usually beats me to lunch. Do you think he’s talking to that bimbo from English?”

Ellie let out a small chuckle while shaking her head, “I think you’re losing it, but I don’t think he’s talking to the said bimbo.” I dramatically put my hands on my face like the picture of the kid from Home Alone.

“You’re right, she’s probably a really cool person and I just completely trashed her. Oh my god, I’m a horrible human being. But where could Connor be?”

“Girl, you need to chill. Stop thinking about the damn boy, let him be. I’m trying my best to be supportive of this relationship thing with the fucktard, but you’re making it hard. Especially when you’re giving me all these opportunities to bash him and make him seem like a horrible boyfriend. Focus on your food, eat, now. Let’s talk about something else, how’s soccer going? Are there college scouts coming to the game on Friday?”

I started actually eating my food and explaining. “Soccer’s good, not too much has happened yet though. Practicing with the boys has helped somewhat. I heard there’s going to be a scout from some University nearby, but none from my choice colleges yet. I have to reach out to them this weekend probably. Maybe they’ll show up to a future game. How about you, any college news that I’ve missed?”

Ellie went on about how she was finishing up her college applications and choosing her top schools, but my focus changed to Connor who just so happened to appear at our table. He stood at the end we were sitting at, giving me a quick hug and a head nod to Ellie.

“Where have you been?”

Ellie kept glancing from Connor, back to me, then back at Connor. She didn’t know if I was going to temporarily freak out, and luckily for everyone else in the cafeteria, I didn’t.

Connor leaned on the table, “I went back to my house to get something for you. It’s in my gym locker right now, I’ll give it to you before practice later.”

Ellie smiled in my direction and I knew exactly what she was thinking, I told you so.

I looked up at Connor with a grin across my face, “Well, sit down, eat your lunch with us.”

Ellie smirked down at her tray, “Yeah, Connor. I won’t ruin your day too much.”

I shot her a warning look before turning my head back to Connor. He smiled before placing a gentle kiss on my temple, “My mom made me lunch when I went home. I’m going to study for my history exam with Mr. Diamond before class, but I’ll see you in the library later?”

I nodded my head, receiving a nod as he ran off.

“What did I tell you? Come on, say it. Your bestest friend in the whole wide world is always right.”

I gave her a sarcastic looking smile, tossing some of my salad towards her. She laughed it off, shaking her head down at the table. “Okay, but seriously, we need to at least try to get into the same college. Then we can go visit them together, and possibly even be roommates?”

I nodded my head, “Of course. Best friends til the end, we made this deal in seventh grade or something. How about you come over tonight after our practice. We can finish up our applications and pick out the colleges we both want to apply to together.”

Ellie clapped her hands excitedly, “That sounds awesome. I’ve missed being at your house. Honestly, can we not fight anymore. I really hated it.” I nodded in agreement and we finished the rest of our lunch, laughing and talking about our futures.


Later, in the library, sitting at my usual table with Connor strolling in fashionably late, we started working on our homework. Connor chose to sit beside me instead of across from me like he usually did. As we focused on our calculus, Connor continued to make inappropriate jokes which I couldn’t help but laugh at.

We got about halfway through our packets before calling it a day, for now at least. Connor nudged my shoulder playfully, then turned his body in his chair so that he was facing me. I turned to face him as well. He took my hands into his, examining my hands and placing them against his lips.

“You’re still coming to my game tomorrow night, right?”

I nodded, “As far as I know, those were my only plans for tomorrow night.”

He chuckled softly, “Well, how about you join us for our mini celebration afterwards?”

I rolled my eyes, “I would but I have a game the next day. I can’t go drinking or staying out too late.”

Connor rolled his eyes right back at me, “We’re not drinking loser, especially since we still have school the next day. We’re just going out for pizza, the boys and a few other people on the team.”

I smirked at him, “We’ll see. First you have to win the game before a celebration is even allowed.”

Connor stood up, “Oh trust me babe, we’re definitely going to win.” He pulled me up as well, “Let’s go get your surprise and then start practicing for our games.”

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