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chapter eighteen

Connor and I walked in silence to the gymnasium, and he left for a few minutes to go into the boy’s locker room so that he could grab the surprise. I wandered aimlessly around the basketball court when another guy walked out of the locker room.

“Elizabeth? What’re you doing in here?”

Elijah headed towards me with a basketball underneath his arm.

“Just waiting for Connor, he’s getting something from his locker.”

Elijah nodded his head slowly, dribbling the ball between his legs as he walked closer to me.

“Since I have you here, I want to ask you something.”

I crossed my arms, casually standing there. “Okay, shoot.”

Elijah smirked before making a shot with the basketball. After it clearly swooshed in the basket, he lifted his arms in celebration. I rolled my eyes, laughing softly.

“Not what I meant, Eli. What’d you want to ask?”

He stood a few feet in front of me, mimicking my stance. “Well, Liz, I was wondering if you’d tutor me in trig.” He added extra emphasis on the Liz, making me smile. I nodded my head, bending to grab the basketball which was now rolling towards us.

“I guess I could help you out. On one condition.”

Elijah stood up a bit straighter, “Okay, what is it?” I pushed the basketball against his chest, catching him by surprise.

“Make the half-court shot I know you’re famous for.” He smiled, putting his hand over mine and letting it linger for a few moments before grabbing the basketball from me.

“You got yourself a deal. One half-court shot coming up.” Elijah walked calmly over to the middle of the court, and after dribbling a few times, he looked over at me one last time. He winked towards me before making the shot, perfectly just like he had done before. I laughed as he ran around the court with his hands up.

“Okay, fine, I’ll help you. We’ll meet up in the library during the last hour, okay? I assume you have it free since you’re in here.” He nodded his head just as Connor walked out of the locker room.

“Elizabeth, I got it right here for- Oh, hey E. What’s up, dude?” Elijah and Connor did their bro hug and started chatting while I stood there awkwardly.

I went over and grabbed the basketball, and when I returned to the boys, it seemed as though they were done talking. I handed the ball to Elijah who awkwardly turned to go shoot baskets on the other end of the court.

“Here’s what I wanted to give you.” Connor lifted up the article of clothing which seemed to be his jersey. “I had my mom wash it, so don’t worry about it being dirty.”

I grabbed it out of his hands, a smile plastered on my face. I lifted the shirt to my nose, realizing the familiar scent of the material.

“Your cologne?” Connor shrugged, a small smile appearing. “It smells good, nice job.”

Connor closed the space in between us, giving me a tight hug. “I’m so excited you’re coming to the game.” I laughed into his chest as he rested his chin on top of my head. “By the way, have you thought about homecoming at all?”

I pulled back, shaking my head the slightest bit. “Not really, it actually completely slipped my mind that we had a homecoming. Why? Do you want to go?”

Connor made a face and laughed, “I don’t know yet, and plus, I’m supposed to ask you.” I shrugged, holding up my hands innocently.

“I’m going to get ready for practice, I’ll meet you on the field, yeah?” Connor nodded and off I went, smelling his shirt the whole time. It’s not weird.


It was after our practices and I was heading back to my house where Ellie was planning on meeting me. I pulled into the driveway, next to my mother’s car. I walked inside and went straight to my bedroom, booting up my laptop.

Ellie and I were planning on sending in our applications so I was just being prepared. In a little over ten minutes, Ellie walked in as if this was her bedroom.

“Ready to fuck shit up?”

I laughed at her, “Not really, we’re trying not to fuck this up, remember?”

Ellie nodded, “Yeah, I was being sarcastic, smart ass. Let’s get started, and I brought you coffee by the way.”

Handing me the coffee, she walked over to my bed and sprawled out. “Have you and Connor seriously not had sex yet?” I rolled my eyes, sipping on the coffee.

“We’re not talking about this now, Ell. We’re focusing on our futures.”

“But isn’t Connor going to be in your future?” I shrugged, not really having a definite answer.

“I don’t know yet, and no we haven’t had sex. We’re taking it slow, seriously.”

“I’m jealous of your self-control, you know that, right?” I smiled happily, nodding my head.

We had gotten to the point where we were just making final touches to our essays and making a list of our top colleges. That was until my mother yelled up the stairs.

“Elizabeth, one of your friends are here!”

Ellie shot me a confused glance and I just shrugged in response. I didn’t have any other plans for tonight. I ran down the steps to the front door, seeing Connor standing awkwardly with his hands tucked into his jacket pockets.

“Connor? Did we have plans for tonight?”

He shook his head, “No, I was just coming by to say hi, see if you wanted to hang out?”

I frowned slightly, “I kind of already had plans with Ellie, she’s upstairs right now actually.” Connor looked up behind me, making me turn around as well. Ellie was leaning against the stair railing.

“It’s okay, Elizabeth. Hang out with your boyfriend, we can turn in our apps later.” I glanced back at Connor, giving him a pleading look, hoping he’d get the message.

He scratched the back of his neck, “Uh, Ellie, would you like to hang out with us? I’ll buy you food.”

Ellie smiled, standing up straighter. “You bought me, let’s go.”

I smiled between the both of them. Connor closed the space between, pressing his body against my backside and wrapping his arms loosely around my shoulders. I glanced up at him, whispering a small ‘thank you’. He looked down at me with a smile, pressing his lips gently against my temple.

“No problem, babe.”

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