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chapter nineteen

Ellie and I put a halt to turning in our applications until we got back later that night. For now, it was a bonding experience for the three of us.

Ellie hopped in the backseat, “Where are we going, lover boy?”

Connor glanced at me while putting on his seat belt, “I have no idea, any requests of where we want to go?”

It was silent for a few seconds until Ellie blurted out, “Can we go to Target? I need to pick up some tampons.”

I turned around in my seat quickly with wide eyes, “Ellie!”

She shrugged, holding back a laugh, “What? Calm down, it’s not like we all haven’t kissed each other, what are tampons going to do?”

Connor stared from Ellie to me, then back at Ellie. “Wait, what? When did this happen, and why did I miss it?”

My cheeks started to heat up, “It was a dare, it didn’t mean anything.”

Ellie pulled herself into the middle console area between Connor and I, “You liar! We were lovers far before lover boy intruded! How’s that make you feel, I kissed your girlfriend before you did!”

Connor and I looked at one another before laughing softly. I pushed Ellie’s head back so she’d sit in her seat. Connor drove us to Target, and then the adventure started.

Connor grabbed a cart while Ellie and I walked a bit behind him. Then, out of nowhere, Ellie runs and jumps into the cart.

“Push me to the tampons!”

Connor’s face was the one to get red this time.

“Ellie, shut the fuck up. My gosh.”

She sure was a happy girl today, but it’s not like she wasn’t like this all the time. I stood beside Connor and we tried our hardest to ignore Ellie’s comments. That is, until she made a certain comment.

“I hope you know, this is how it’d be if you two were parents. Just saying.”

Connor smiled down at me, “We don’t need to worry about that, not for a while anyways.”

Ellie rolled her eyes, “I can’t believe you two haven’t done it yet. Honestly, forget about the game or bet you had going on, just do it if you guys like each other.”

I smiled, “I actually forgot about that thing you had going on. It feels like forever since anyone’s talked about it.”

Connor nodded in agreement, “You’re right, huh, that’s weird now that we’re talking about it.”

As soon as we had gotten to the isle with Ellie’s needed products, she kneeled in the cart with her arms out.

“Elizabeth, mom, help me out.”

I laughed, walking over and trying to get her out of the cart. Being the same size as her was not helping, but it was entertaining for everyone.

Since Connor seemed to be enjoying the sight, I looked back at him.

“Dad could help out too, you know.” He stopped laughing, but a wide smile stayed put on his face.

He pointed to himself, “Me?”

I nodded, letting go of Ellie. He walked over and got Ellie out of the cart, then off she went to pick out what she needed. Connor took the opportunity to finally talk with me, a little more privately.

I stood behind the cart, ready to push it when needed, when Connor stood behind myself. He wrapped his arms around, placing them on the bar of the cart, and leaned down so he could whisper in my ear.

“I could get used to you calling me daddy.”

I smiled as he gently kissed the side of my neck. “I think you heard me wrong. I called you dad, there’s a difference in the way you’re thinking, compared to what I said.”

Ellie had started to walk back towards us with a small smirk on her face, hopping back in the cart. “So, I got these for you two, just in case you know. You looked like you’d need them soon anyways.”

She placed a pack of condoms next to her, and I just blushed unnaturally red. It didn’t help that Connor could see and found it amusing. I rolled my eyes, starting to push the cart, trying my hardest to change the subject.


“Did we need to go anywhere else? We should start heading back so we can finish our applications.”

We had stopped to grab McDonald’s before heading home, and now we were all close to exhaustion. Ellie was laying across the back seat, and I was curled up in a ball in Connor’s passenger seat.

He smiled over every once in a while, keeping his hand placed on my leg the entire ride home. It was a fun day, and it proved that Ellie and Connor could be civil with one another. When we returned to my house, I expected it to end there, but Connor joined us.

We were all sitting around my room, Ellie and I had just submitted our applications, and now we were choosing a movie to watch. Ellie called the bed, and no matter how much we argued, she still somehow won.

Connor and I took the floor beside the bed, and made somewhat of a pillow fortress. Nevertheless, Connor was comfortable enough to lay on. We had agreed to watch some stand up movies, starting with Bo Burnham. It wasn’t long until Connor had fallen asleep, then Ellie was next.

This was usually how these things worked. Any sleepover, or an event where people are able to sleep, usually end with me being the last one awake. I wasn’t complaining, it’s just weird. I’m in my own room, but I can’t sleep on my bed, and I can’t move because that would wake Connor up.

That’s when I said screw it, I can’t lay still any longer.

I shifted, ever so slowly, and was able to get out of Connor’s grip without waking him. I walked over to my closet and grabbed a sweater, and then some sneakers. I was almost out the door, when I heard Connor moving. I froze where I stood, hoping he fall back asleep.

He rolled over, giving me enough time to leave my room. I picked up around the house to try to clear my head, then decided to go for a walk around the block or something. I was just thinking, about nothing in particular, when my phone started to ring. You could probably guess who it was.


“Hey, what are you doing up?” He was quick to respond.

“What are you doing up is the real question? You could’ve woken me up and told me.”

How cute, he cares.

“I’m sorry, I just was cleaning. Then I wanted to go for a walk.”

“Where are you, I’ll come walk with you.”

I sighed internally. I didn’t really want to walk with anyone, but I guess. I told him where to meet me, and started to head there.

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