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chapter twenty-five

I was standing outside of Connor’s house’s front door, with my arms full of snacks and movies for tonight. I did my best of knocking with my foot, but I didn’t know if his mother was home. Lucky for Connor, she was.

She swung the door open, automatically helping me carry the snacks to the guest bedroom where Connor was. I followed behind her, seeing Connor relaxing on the bed and scrolling through his phone. After seeing me enter, he sat up in his spot, a smile forming on his face.

“Hey, let me help with that.” His mother pushed him back down as he tried to hop up.

“Oh, no you don’t. You need to rest your leg. We got it, don’t worry, Connor. I’ll go grab some drinks for you two, Elizabeth.” She smiled at us before leaving the room.

I walked over to Connor who was now sitting with his one leg hanging over the side of the bed. “How’s your leg feeling today?”

Connor shrugged, patting his leg. “Hurts like a bitch, but that’s to be expected, right?” We both laughed quietly.

“I guess so. Anyways, what movie do you want to watch first?”

We sat there on the bed, going through a confusing process of which order we should watch the videos in. Connor’s mom walked back through the doorway, holding two large glasses of what I assumed to be soda.

“I’ll be in the living room if you two need anything. Enjoy your homecoming, just not too much, alright Connor?” She smirked in our direction, only making Connor start to blush.

“Mom!” She backed out of the room, closing the door behind her. I laughed at Connor’s face. He didn’t get embarrassed much, but he was cute either way. I grabbed the movie that we decided to watch first and went to start it. Connor put the snacks on the side table, making the bed a bit more comfortable. Not that I wouldn’t mind laying down with all the snacks, it’d be easier to grab them.

I hopped over the end of the bed frame and crawled next to Connor, on the side with his good leg. We were curled up next to each other, my leg resting over his good one and his arm around my back. He was wearing basketball shorts and an old school hoodie. I was actually wearing a pair of his sweatpants which he left at my house and some lacrosse pinny I found in the back of my closet.

While the beginning of the movie was going, I glanced up at Connor, watching as the muscles in his face tensed up and relaxed. I traced words with my finger on the hoodie’s material over his stomach. He smiled down at my hand and gave my torso a quick squeeze.

“So, I was talking with Elijah earlier.” Connor didn’t really react much, just nodded his head. “He told me you called him after I left that one night.” Connor chewed on the inside of his lip.

“What’d he say?”

“He was telling me about how you didn’t want to rush me, you didn’t want me to feel pressured into sleeping with you. Connor, I appreciate how you want me to feel comfortable, and you’re definitely not rushing me. I know that. I want you to know that we didn’t do anything last night cause I felt like I was causing you pain, not because I got scared we were going too quickly.”

He smiled, his hand slipping under the pinny to rub my lower back. “You weren’t hurting me. Believe me, I’ll let you know if I’m in that kind of pain.”

I sat up slightly, “I was also talking with Ellie, and we kind of fought, but she was also trying to figure out why I haven’t slept with you yet.”

He sat up more, tensing the conversation to take a more serious turn. “Is there another reason besides the pain?”

I shrugged, “I’m not completely sure. When I was talking with her, I ended up thinking that if I did sleep with you, you’d leave me like the other girls. A part of me still believes that you’re just doing this for that bet, and once I give you what you want, what would be keeping me around that those other girls didn’t have?”

He flinched as he got into a more comfortable position, reaching his hand out to caress my face. “Baby, no. You have to believe me when I tell you this, I couldn’t give a fuck if you never wanted to sleep with me because I made that stupid bet before I really knew I liked you. You’re different from those other girls, and that’s why I’m with you now, laying in this bed completely clothed. We’re just chilling, having an intimate conversation and watching movies. That’s something those other girls couldn’t give me, and that’s why I will always choose you over anyone else, even if we don’t have sex.”

I reached up to hold his hand which was cupping my face. I intertwined our fingers, placing our hands on my lap. He pulled me closer to him so that I was sitting on his lap, with my torso laying across his. Connor wrapped his arms around my body, squeezing softly.

“I love you for your personality, not your body. The sooner you understand that, the easier it’ll be to love me.”

I chuckled softly while resting my head against his shoulder. “I do love you, Connor.” I leaned forward, placing my lips gently above his collarbone. He let out a soft moan, a smile forming on his face.

“I love you, too, Elizabeth. You drive me crazy with everything you do and I find it so hard to control myself around you.” I let out a small hum while peppering kisses around his neck and jawline. “My mom being just down the hall is kind of a buzzkill, but if she wasn’t there, the things I would love to do to you.”

Connor’s eyes fluttered shut, while one of his hands found their way to the back of my thigh. He was taken by surprise when my lips found his, where I let them linger for a second until he responded. He chuckled against my lips, pulling my one leg higher up on his torso. Without breaking the kiss, my legs found their way around his to where I was straddling his waist once more like the previous night. Connor’s hands were placed on the back of my thighs, gripping tighter every once in a while.

He smiled against my lips, making me smile as well. I pulled back, smiling at him. “As much as I love this, and believe me, I do, I don’t think we should do this with my mother in the other room.”

I crawled off of Connor, returning back to our original cuddling position. We stopped just in time as well since the door was abruptly opened. Then in walked Elijah and Ellie.

“Hey sluts, ready to party?”

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