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chapter twenty-eight

The sun was shining onto my face, forcing me to open my eyes and face reality again. But the sight wasn’t so bad since it was Connor’s face. He was already awake and smiling down at me. “Morning, beautiful.”

I rubbed my eyes, trying to look into the sunlight without hating it. “Why are you up so early?”

“Why are you sleeping so late?”

I let out a small laugh, repositioning myself against Connor. “Touché. What time is it, anyway?” Connor brought his phone over from the side table, turning it on and facing the screen to me. “It’s only 10 am? Dude, it’s the weekend, why are we awake?”

Connor’s chest vibrated as he laughed, “My mom had to leave for work this morning. She stopped in a little while ago and woke me up to give me my medicine. Guess you kind of woke up to it as well.”

I hummed as he gently rubbed my side. There was a comfortable silence for a few minutes.

“Do you know how to make pancakes?”

I opened my eyes fully, smiling up at Connor. Guess it was time to get up whether I liked it or not. I sat up, rubbing my eyes one last time. Connor just laid back, watching me as I started to get up.

“Do you have the ingredients to make pancakes is the real question here, Connor?”

He shrugged, “I don’t know. We can take a trip to the store if needed, though. I just really want pancakes.”

I laughed while going to grab my shoes by his door. I brought over his pair of shoes as well. Motioning for him to get up, he sighed and did so obediently. I put his crutches on the bed so he’d be able to grab them with ease, then we headed out to the kitchen.

We scanned his kitchen to see if he had pancake mix and everything else, but it turns out he didn’t. Instead of going to the store, I was able to convince him to just go out to the local breakfast diner with me. “It could be a date?”

He smiled while taking my hand in one of his, while he focused on the road. “Alright then, but you’re paying.”


We were seated in a booth and ordered our drinks. As we were just talking together about school and other teenager stuff, Elijah walked through the door. He noticed us in the corner of his eye, giving us a small nod of the head. I didn’t reciprocate but just turned towards Connor.

Connor, on the other hand, waved him over. In a hushed voice, I started arguing.

“Why are you calling him over, I’m still mad at him?”

Connor shrugged, “He’s still my best friend, and I’m not the mad one. Plus, he didn’t do much wrong either. He only took one side of the bet, he didn’t start it.”

I shook my head, sipping on my milk in defeat. I stared at Elijah as he approached, standing at the end of the table. “What are you guys doing here, I expected you to still be passed out?”

Connor laughed, “We probably would’ve been, but my mom woke us up. So now we’re kind of having a breakfast date.”

He nodded, giving a small smile, “Say no more, I’ll leave you two alone.”


Connor had convinced me to go back to his house after stuffing our faces with pancakes, and it could have been a mistake. I wasn’t in the mood to do anything, and I just wanted to sleep.

Connor didn’t though, which was bumming me out.

“Can we just go rest our eyes, Connor?” He let out a quick laugh, hobbling over to his living room. He turned on the television before turning to me. I followed him into the kitchen and watched him as he pulled two waters out of the fridge. I walked closer and took them from him, “I can get these for you, just ask me.”

He rolled his eyes, gripping his crutches again as I went to place the waters in the living room. “I just don’t want you to think of me as some good-for-nothing, can’t-do-anything-himself, type of person.”

I let out a small laugh, “You’re joking, right? Connor, you just fucked up your knee. I want you to get better, which means you need to rest and let other people do things for you. It doesn’t mean you’re useless.”

“I have something in mind which you could do for me.”

It was my turn to roll my eyes. “A little early for the sexual jokes, don’t you think?”

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