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chapter twenty-nine

The next day, I arrived at school and waited for Connor. His mother was dropping him off since he was still feeling some effects from his medication from the night before. I made sure that I’d help just in case he was really out of it, but considering his mother was letting him go to school, I was sure it wouldn’t be that bad.

Boy, was I wrong.

When Connor stepped out of the car, everything was fine. Nobody expected that he had taken another dose of his medication this morning. He was hiding it well, until he walked over to myself.

“Hey, you look hot today.” He went in for a kiss but I subtly declined him, pointing behind him at his mother’s car.

“Dude, your mom is right over there. I’m not one for PDA, you know that, especially your mother.”

Connor shrugged, trying once more to lean in. I held his shoulders back, pushing him slightly. “Connor, stop. What’s going on with you?” He shrugged, starting to hobble away on his crutches. I rolled my eyes, lightly jogging to catch up to him. “Are you okay?”

“I for one, feel amazing. Whatever medication my doctor gave me, works wonders. Want some?”

I looked to Connor as though he was an idiot, which I was almost convinced he was. “Dude, you’re so high. Why the hell would you take that before school? You could get in trouble.” Connor let out a small giggle and reached his locker.

I forgot about putting my things in my locker and just continued to walk with him. “Where are the rest of your pills, or whatever medication you’re on?” Connor pulled them out of his pocket, allowing me to snatch them before he could react.

“Wait, those are mine!” I held them behind my back, grasping them tightly in fear of someone else getting ahold of them.

“You can get them back after school. Then you can also explain to me why the hell you would take these before school.”

Then, as if God had sent me an angel, Elijah walked up, sensing something to be wrong.

“Hey, you two. Everything alright?” I sighed, turning to face Elijah while Connor started to pout like a small child. Connor was also trying to grab the pills subtly, which wasn’t working at all.

“Do you think you could watch over him today, at least when I’m not around? He took some meds before school, and they’re fucking him up a little.” Elijah nodded, pointing to my hands behind my back.

“Can I see what he took first? I kind of want to know what I’m getting into here.”

I rolled my eyes, “Let me clarify, you are watching him today no matter what it is he took.” I opened my hand for Elijah to get a clear look at the pill bottle. He rubbed his face tiredly while laughing to himself.

“What the hell, Connor.”

I nodded, quickly glancing at Connor who was spacing out while leaning back against his locker. “So you can take him for the first half of the day or so?” Elijah nodded and I took that as my cue to leave.


Later on in the afternoon, when I had joined Elijah and Connor for lunch considering I was taking over babysitting duty, there were already plenty of rumors going around of Connor coming to school high. Of course they didn’t know the full story, not many of us did, but it’s not like he did hard drugs. He only took his pain medication at the wrong time of day, nothing too drastic.

Connor was starting to come down from his medical-induced high, which meant he was just tired and cranky. He was very similar to a 6-year old at that time, and I wasn’t one who wanted to really deal with him.

I figured since we only had two more classes today, I would just skip them with him and let him sleep the rest of this off. When mentioning the idea, he had no complaints and just followed me to the parking lot.

I unlocked my car and grabbed a blanket from the trunk, handing it to him as he laid in the backseat. I sat in the driver’s seat, just watching him.

“You know, this would be much comfier in my van.”

I couldn’t help but smile at him. “This would be a lot comfier if you had taken your medication at the right time, and we were just finishing up the school day normally.”

He let out a quiet chuckle, “Touché. But seriously, can we go somewhere else and just nap? I mean, we’re already skipping our last classes, can’t we skip them somewhere else?”

“You’ve been a pain in my ass today, Connor.”

Connor sat up in the back seat, leaning through the gap between the driver and passenger seats. Resting his lips against my shoulder, he mumbled against my shirt, “Please, babe. Then you can come back later for your soccer practice.”

I was silent for a few seconds until Connor started lightly kissing my shoulder repeatedly.

“You’re lucky I love you, and that I have a late soccer practice tonight. But we’re going to your house, your mom just bought juice boxes.” I leaned over slightly and kissed Connor before starting up the car and heading out.


By the time we had gotten to Connor’s house, he was already half-asleep in the back of my car. He was still awake enough to walk to his room, thankfully. I had helped him part of the way, mainly up the steps.

His mother wasn’t home, so I just grabbed my own juice box and one for Connor, joining Connor in his bed. I cuddled up next to the now shirtless Connor, not really hating this idea after all. I had made sure to set the alarm for a few hours later, and after that, we had quickly fallen asleep.

The annoying beeping of my phone’s alarm had woken Connor up first, and he was in a much better mental state than before. After shaking me lightly to wake me up, Connor had reached for his phone on the nightstand beside the bed.

He started to get a confused look on his face, and after frustrated scrolling, he sat up so quickly that it had knocked me off of him.

“What the fuck?”

I rolled over slowly, trying my best to sit up as well. “What is it, Connor?”

He rested his head in his hand, looking over at myself. “Shit. You might want to check your phone.”

At this point I was already having some minor anxiety attack, so I quickly reached for my phone and started scrolling through the multiple notifications, texts, and missed calls. “You have got to be fucking kidding me.”

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