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chapter thirty

I stared at my phone, and the picture of Connor and I kissing in my car before we left to go nap at his house. Someone had taken the picture through one of the classroom windows by the looks of it. There was only a single caption over the photo.

Guess who’s the ultimate fuckboy?

“What the hell is this, why would someone do that?”

Connor shrugged towards me, a bewildered look on his face. “I know right, they took away the snapchat hotdog filter, and now this!?”

I stared at Connor for a second, contemplating breaking up with him right then and there. I shook my head, starting to crawl out of the bed. “This is no time for jokes, Connor. Everyone thinks we slept together, and now you’re labeled as the ultimate fuckboy, and now I look as though I broke my promise to a lot of hurt girls.”

Connor looked offended for a second, “You promised people you wouldn’t sleep with me?”

I looked from him to his door, considering making a run for it, “Uhm, no?”

He shrugged, “Well, jokes on you, because I promised people I would sleep with you.”

I crossed my arms, “Actually, the joke’s still on you because you haven’t actually slept with me.”

He laughed, “Sweetie, the joke’s still on you because everyone believes we slept together.”

I started to put on my shoes, “Okay, sweetie, the joke’s still on you because you haven’t been able to physically enjoy my hot bod the way you imagine in your dreams at night. BOOM.”

Then from that point on, we argued back and forth. You know how when siblings or anyone in general fights, then just makes stupid noises at each other- that’s exactly how we sounded. I continued for a minute or two before waving my hands around like a maniac.

“Stop it, alright! This isn’t the time for any of this! We need to figure out who started this damn rumor and put an end to it.”

Connor laid back down in his bed, cuddling up to the pillow I was using. “I don’t see why it’s so bad, we could just let it slide and then forget there was ever this stupid fuckboy bet thing going on in the first place.”

I shook my head, walking over and leaning up against the side of the bed Connor was on. “You don’t understand, Connor. You know how you hated being called a fuckboy? Well, now that’s all you’ll be known for, for the rest of our high school days and any reunions we have. If you don’t like it when I jokingly call you one, how are you going to deal with everyone seriously calling you one? Then for me, now I’m not the same virgin I once was! They’re going to expect something from me, and I can’t give the people what they want, Connor! I’m not that good of an actress!”

Connor sat back up, him adjusting his position so that I was standing in between his knees. He immediately wrapped his arms around my waist and just placed his head against my chest. He lightly squeezed, and automatically, my arms wrapped tightly around him and I reciprocated his actions.

“You need to relax, Elizabeth. Honestly, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. Sure, I’d love if this never happened and we could just be a normal couple without all the attention. If we did know who did this, we’ll definitely confront them and ask them to tell the truth. But for now, we can’t do anything and we just need to live with this.”

I sighed, taking a seat on Connor’s good leg as that’s where his hands were leading me. “You know how many questions we’re going to get in school, though? Sure, you can make something up, you’re experienced. What about me? I’ll just look like a fool and then keep pushing the truth that we never slept together. No matter what we do, this is just going to turn into a giant mess. Who the hell would even start this stupid rumor?”

That’s when we both exchanged a knowing look, and simultaneously mumbled under our breath. “Ellie.”

Connor rested his hand on my lower back, “Call her, Elizabeth. Talk it out with her.” I shook my head, there was no way I was going to be the one to call her. First she started another bet about me, then apparently started this rumor. Best friend, my ass.

“You fucking call her, I don’t ever want to hear her voice again. She does nothing but cause trouble nowadays.”

Connor sighed, holding his hand out for my phone. I rolled my eyes yet obeyed, dropping my phone in his hand. He typed in my passcode and rang Ellie’s number. It rang for a while, and I was sure she wouldn’t answer because she should be in class, but then again I was wrong about Ellie. She picked up just in time, and Connor made sure the speaker was on.

“Elizabeth? Why are you calling me?”

Connor cleared his throat, “Not Elizabeth, it’s Connor.”

“Oh, so it’s true? Did y’all skip school to do the nasty?”

Connor let out a quiet laugh, but I slapped his shoulder pointing to the phone, hoping to get my point across of how serious I was.

“About that, did you take that picture and post it for everyone to see?”

Ellie was silent for a second, “I never took any picture of you two, nor did I post anything today.”

That was when I jumped in, “Don’t play all innocent, Ellie. Who else would feel the need to get involved in our personal life?”

Ellie quickly jumped to defend herself. “Okay, I know I did a lot of shitty things in the past, but you have to believe me Elizabeth, I never did this. You believe me, don’t you, Connor?”

I glanced at Connor who was shrugging with a clueless look on his face, he had no idea who to trust anymore.

“Elizabeth, listen to me. I swear on my father’s grave, I never started this rumor about you and Connor. I’m serious.”

That’s when my face fell and I knew she was being honest. She would never have involved her father if she wasn’t telling the truth. I leaned my head on Connor’s shoulder and he rested his head against mine. I took the phone from his hand.

“I’m sorry for accusing you then, Ell.”

There was silence on the line until Ellie decided to apologize as well. “I’m sorry for everything, and that you’re going through all this drama. If I hear about anyone else starting this rumor and spreading the picture, I’ll let you know.”

Connor took the phone back, “Thanks, Ellie. We’ll talk to you later.”

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