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chapter eight

We both met up in the gym where the boys were.

“Hey Connor... and Elizabeth. What, are you two going to be like, best friends or something?”

I laughed to myself, looking to Connor who just shrugged and looked back at me. He walked over and wrapped one around my shoulders.

“We’re just looking out for each other, right Liz?”

I glared up at him, “Don’t call me that, please.”

The boys just awkwardly stared at us, “This is weird, I just have to admit it. Connor doesn’t usually do this, friendship thing, with girls. No offense, it’s going to take some time to get used to.”

I put my hands up in surrender, slowly removing Connor’s arm.

“I completely understand. I’m still trying to get used to it.”

Elijah walked over so he was closer to me, passing a soccer ball into my hands.

“Well, since we’re all here, why don’t we go work on some drills to help Ms. Elizabeth over here.”

We all agreed and headed out to the soccer fields. We did some simple passing drills, shooting, and then just lied around on the field. We were sitting in somewhat of a circle, with my back leaning against Elijah.

“Why do you think they started school this year on a Thursday? That’s just cruel.”

The guys all laughed at my question, “So we still have a chance to sleep.”

I rolled my eyes, taking a quick drink from my water bottle. Elijah started absentmindedly playing with my hair, while the guys talked amongst themselves.

Connor glanced over to where Elijah and I were sitting, “Hey, man. You should invite Elizabeth to your party this weekend.”

He sat up more, making me move where I was laying.

“Oh yeah, I totally forgot. You want to come to the party? It’ll be fun, and you don’t need to drink or anything if you’re not into that kind of stuff.”

I shrugged, not really paying attention to them. “Sure, just text me the address.”

I grabbed my phone from the ground next to me, then passed it to him so he could add his number.

We sat there for a while, until we heard more voices becoming louder as kids neared the fields. I started to get up off of the ground, gathering my bags.

“I’ll see you guys this weekend, and I’ll see you later tonight.” I pointed to Connor, walking away towards the girls’ soccer field.


Directly after practice, I went and showered in the locker room. When I headed back out to my car, I saw Connor sitting on the trunk of it.

“What’s up? Shouldn’t you be going to shower or something?”

He gave me a big cheesy smile, only meaning something was wrong.

“Don’t be mad at me, but I have to take a rain check.” I went and tossed my bags into the back of the car.

“What else do you have to do? Is it an emergency?”

He shrugged, “It could be, but I need to go to find out.”

I gave him a confused shrug, “What’s that mean? What the heck do you have to do?”

“Ellie wanted to hang out tonight.”

I rolled my eyes, “Oh my god, fine. Go ahead, but I swear to god, if you fuck me over with this project for some stupid relationship, I will hurt you.”

Connor held his arms up in surrender, “I understand. We’ll finish it this weekend, don’t worry.”

We both looked to each other, not saying a word. That is, until I grew impatient.

“Are you going to sit on my car, or go see your girlfriend? I’d kind of like to go home and work on this paper.”

He hopped off the car, giving me a quick surprise hug.

“Thank you, you’re the best. I’ll see you tomorrow night!”

After he ran off to his car, I got into mine and sent Ellie a quick text.

just know, if I fail this paper, it’s on you and Connor

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